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How Axios Review works:

Independent peer review: Step 11. Choose journals
You pick four target journals and submit to Axios Review
Independent peer review: Step 22. Get reviews
Get feedback from our expert
editors and reviewers
Independent peer review: Step 33. We do referrals
Find out which journal
wants your paper
Independent peer review: Step 44. You revise and submit
Rework your paper, send it
to the interested journal
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Submitting to higher profile journals risks being rejected multiple times, often on the grounds of novelty. This cascade uses up the valuable time of authors, reviewers, and editors. Here’s how the Axios independent peer review process helps:

  • You can aim high with your top choice target journals and play safe with the others
  • 85% of papers published via Axios get accepted at the first journal they’re sent to
  • Half of the accepted papers do not receive further peer review
  • Axios submission to journal publication averages 3 months (excl. time in revision)
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“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such quality in reviews. There may be a lot for us still to do on this manuscript but the reviews are a fair and balanced assessment so whatever it is you’re doing, I think it’s working.”
Hugo Harrison, James Cook University

“Your service was bar none! I could not be more pleased, and will be singing the praises of Axios to anyone who will listen … the paper was accepted pretty much “as is” … the Editor was positively effusive”
Anne Yoder, Duke University

“I just wanted to pass along my thanks again for helping with reviews on our paper … [the journal] didn’t feel the need to send it out again and just reviewed in house which we totally owe to the great reviews and feedback from Axios!”
Ben Sandkam, Simon Fraser University

“As promised, I got an extremely nice experience with Axios Review, and I am more than happy with the service”
Cino Pertoldi, Aalborg University

“Our paper was contingently accepted with only a few little revisions. Both editors and reviewers mentioned that Axios reviews helped make their decision.”
Chris Muir, University of British Columbia


“I have been impressed by the quality of the editors and reviewers Axios have recruited, as well as by the quality of the reviews themselves.”
Christopher Foote, BMC Evolutionary Biology

“Axios has provided high quality reviews and editor’s comments for all manuscripts referred to Ecology Letters. The service has worked well in allowing us to make a quick decision on manuscripts in a way that is well informed .. the Axios service is impressive and deserves to be widely used”
Marcel Holyoak, Ecology Letters

“Axios consistently provides useful reviews from appropriate reviewers, and can significantly streamline our in-house process.”
Michael Ritchie, Journal of Evolutionary Biology

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