Top 10 Best Whole House Water Filters of 2020 (Ultimate Review and Buying Guide)

The source of underground water or surface water used for daily life is increasingly polluted, so the demand for buying Whole House Water Filters has also increased. Choosing the best whole house water filters will help you and your family ensure the quality of your daily drinking water.

 Best Whole House Water Filters
                                                                                    How to get purified water?


What is the water filtration system?

It is a large filtration system, specialized for purifying domestic water, usually filtering large quantities of water to serve the dining, bathing, and other activities of a family.

water filtration system

Household filtration systems will use many different filtration technologies such as reverse osmosis, using activated carbon, ion exchange, UV sterilization, among which, osmosis filtration technology is the most common. 

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With the use of the micro RO membrane, it is possible to eliminate bacteria, harmful viruses as small as 0.001 micrometers. It makes drinking water cleaner for drinking water safer.

Benefits when using water filters

Many people think that the source of domestic water they are using is clean. However, the truth is that it is not as clean as you imagine.

Because the white shirt bought at first, but when washing with water in the family turned yellow. Pay a little attention to the kettle after a period of use often appears scale or white plaque-like limestone.

Or the faucet, washing machine, hot water device also suffer from that phenomenon. So, your family’s drinking water is contaminated and unsafe. That means that dietary use can affect your family’s health.


water filters
Water has a great effect on our family’s health


As a result, it has led to the fact that many families are now looking for domestic water filters . Its benefits are removing impurities, large bacteria found in mud, rust, heavy metals (arsenic, iron), deodorizing, deodorizing soft water, helping to bring clean water standards. To make eating and drinking more safe and quality.

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Structure and operating procedure of water filters

Based on the quality of the input water, the need to use water more or less but choose the type of water filtration system accordingly. For example, the need to remove calcium to soften water, remove alum, or remove contaminated water or simply a home water filtration system to serve the needs of common food at home.

Currently, the domestic water filter consists of 3 categories: type 1 filter column, type 2 filter column, and type 3 filter columns.

Structure of water filters 

Structure of water filters
An example of the filter column’s structure


+ Filter column is made of composite material, inside contains layers of materials such as gravel, quartz sand, manganese, activated carbon that treat suspended residues, toxic impurities, metals heavy as Fe, Cu, Hg, Pb

+ 20 ” filter column has a radius of 5 micrometers, made of pp is the main component, the effect is to prevent dirty, toxic impurities larger than 5 micrometers. The water passing through this filter column will be clean and usable.

Domestic water filtration system operation

water filtration system operation
The UV water purification process


  • When operating, the pump will be the first operating device. The pump is installed in front of the filtration system and immediately at the head of the water source. It has a suction and repulsion effect to allow water to pass easily through the coarse filter column. 

  • Next, is a pre-filter system installed, the main task is to notify the user to know how much time it takes to filter and check the safety level of the water source. If the water is dirty, the filter replacement time will be quick and vice versa.

  • Then, the filter systems are installed in series, including metal filter column, detox filter column, water softening filter column. When going through, the filtration system will remove all iron, manganese, mercury, lead, toxic substances, limestone sets. This is considered the transition period from hard water to soft water to help the water passing through UF or RO filter to be safer.

  • Finally, the water will be pumped by a booster pump to the UF or RO filter, where again the water will be purified (remove all residues, bacteria of small size 0,001 micrometers), possibly drink directly without boiling.

Note: In order for the system to operate smoothly and effectively for a long time, it is necessary to install a safety system to protect equipment, avoid electrical problems.

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How to choose the best water filter ?

The following 5 points will tell you what type of water is needed for the whole house water filter. Which TDS level is good for your health. Go through these 5 points to get a clear idea of ​​the basic reasons for buying a whole house water filter.

Based on types of water to filter

This is the first deciding factor for the best whole house water filter. Water sources should be carefully observed because it will determine whether your water needs to remove dissolved salts not required by your body or that water contains germs, and that virus will affect your health.

How to the best water filter

There are some heavy metals like lead and mercury that need to be removed from the water because the human body cannot get rid of heavy metals, and it will continue to build up in the body, causing problems with health.

Water from many sources contains germs, bacteria, dirty water, and viruses that cause cholera. We should cleverly choose a whole house water filter, although it may cost a little money, it will eventually keep you away from doctors and expensive medicine with side effects on the body. Below is a table to show the different types of water supply and some suggestions for water filters.

Groundwater in the city contains many bacteria, so you should choose water filters with RO 

+ UV filter. For rural groundwater, tube wells and surface water are used mainly, so you can use RO water filters.

The technology of whole house water filter

Currently, on the market, there are three common household water filtration technologies including RO, UF, and Nano. Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the needs of each family to choose the most appropriate one

RO filtration technology

It is the most advanced and modern water purification technology to the present time. Ro technology, also known as reverse osmosis, has a 0.001-micrometer filter for 99.9% clean filtered water. In particular, this technology is no less than the input water, which can filter rainwater, well water, alum water, water containing a lot of dirt, moss.

However, when filtering, the device removes all minerals, trace elements in the water. If using this water for a long time can affect health, so you need to supplement the mineral core to help balance the mineral, pH helps to drink water better.

Nanofiltration technology

Technology to retain minerals in the water. But due to the large 0.5-nanometer membrane size, bacteria and viruses can still pass through, making direct drinking water not really guaranteed. In addition, water inlet requirements must be clean and free of debris.

UF filter technology

Also known as the super filtration membrane, using a low-pressure membrane will retain only useful mineral ions, mineral salts, while large harmful molecules will be removed from the water source. 

The filtration process takes place in normal water and low pressure, so it consumes less power and saves electricity. In addition, it does not emit wastewater like Ro, so it saves water during use.

=> Currently, there are many types of water filters, such as 1 column filter, the two-column filter, and the three-column filter. Each type has a different price. Therefore, depending on the needs of the use and installation of each family, there will be specific costs of each type, accompanied by capacity and installation.

Differentiate the old and new filtering water method ?

Over time and the development and advancement of science and technology, the way of filtering water has also changed somewhat, bringing gentler and safer for users. Let’s see how different the old and new filtering methods are!

How to choose the best water filter

The Old water filtration method

Old water filtration method: Mainly using alum, gravel, charcoal or simply covering cloth

+ Use alum

Alum has long been known by many as the material used to filter domestic water. It has the advantage of being cheap and easy to find in most health facilities.

Acid sulfate allows water to settle all the dirt at the bottom of the tank. When the sediment is gone, an antiseptic called chlorin can be used, the concentration of 2mlg / liter to purify the water. The time is about 1-2 hours when the concentration of chlorine in the water flies away; you can use it.

This is the simplest way to filter living water. However, the drawback it brings is that the water is only relatively clean, not absolutely clean water. Therefore, water filtered through alum is underestimated and susceptible to bacterial infections again after a short time.

 + Use a clean cloth

In many places where the material is scarce, finding chlorine is extremely scarce. Therefore, poor people have come up with a way to filter water for living by using clothes to filter water.

Just a piece of cloth is put on a small basket, and it will all be put on buckets or pots. When sure, pour water on it. The cloth will have the effect of filtering out dirt, large mosses in the water. Filtered water through cloth can basically be used for bathing and washing. However, it is not safe to use it for direct cooking purposes.

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+ Use gravel and charcoal

Filtering water for living using gravel, sand, charcoal is the third method many families use. And it is still being used in many rural and mountainous areas

Just prepare some gravel, sand, and charcoal to filter the tank. Filter tanks need to build two layers; the upper layer is to hold filter materials and water to be filtered, while the lower floor will store clean water after filtration. 

Basically, the filtered water is somewhat cleaner than using alum and cloth. Therefore, in rural areas today, many people still use this system to filter (well water, rainwater ). If used for cooking, it needs to be boiled.

The modern water filtration method

Using a water purifier with RO technology. Optimal equipment to remove contaminants up to 0.001 micrometers for 100% pure water output without having to worry about filter media. This superiority has helped make the water purifier an effective aid for every family.

The most popular water filtration technology today

In the market of whole house Water Filters today, the most used filtration technologies are RO water purification technology, Nano water purification technology, UF water purification technology.

water filtration

RO water purification technology 

 This technology was born in 1870, used the RO membrane (micro-filtration membrane) to filter out bacteria, impurities, heavy metals, chemicals. Water Filters using this technology create completely pure water based on the Reverse Osmosis principle, abbreviated RO.

RO water purification technology

RO membrane is made up of microporous holes, which is only about 1 / 10,000 hairs (0.001 micrometers). It only allows water molecules to pass through and pushes 99.99% of other impurities out (including beneficial & harmful impurities).

Therefore, RO technology using this filter will create completely pure water (does not contain anything other than water), especially does not contain minerals.

Nano water filtration technology

Basically, Nano water filtration technology is similar to RO technology, the filter screen of the water filter using Nanotechnology has a larger filter that will also filter bacteria, viruses but not completely eliminate the amount of substance.

Nano water filtration technology

Whether the remaining substances will be completely beneficial or not, there is no exact answer. It depends on the input water of your family. Therefore, the Nano will be quite picky about the input water, usually used for standing water that has been treated, water from the wells has been filtered through the tank.

UF water filtration technology

As one of the three popular water filtration technologies today, UF water filtration technology is the next filtration technology of RO, UF, or ultrafiltration membrane by using low-pressure membranes to remove particles that have Large size out of water source.

UF water filtration technology

Under the pressure of no more than 2.5 bars, water, mineral salts, and molecules/ions smaller than the filter hole (0.1-0.005 microns) will “squeeze” through the membrane easily. Larger molecules, harmful viruses, and bacteria will be prevented.

These filters are fully automated, check the water level, and then apply purification techniques to clean the water. Ultraviolet RO + filters can be used for hard water reservoirs when removing extra salt and killing germs from the water, making it safe for drinking purposes.

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How to choose a water filter that is suitable for your home water source

In order to choose a water purifier that has the technology to suit your home water source, users need to carefully assess the input water source being used.

How to choose a water filter

For sources of alum contaminated water, heavy metal contamination, too high mineral content, or water in arsenic-contaminated areas, it is necessary to select RO machines to ensure safe water quality. If the water wells have a high degree of stability, a safe area, the Nano series will be the most suitable choice.

If a family needs to filter drinking water once without boiling, RO water purifier will be most suitable. RO series will filter out all heavy metal minerals, as well as harmful bacteria, to produce the purest water.

If the family needs in rural areas just need to filter daily water, cook, the Nano water purifier will suit the needs. Because the machine has a large operating capacity, no wastewater, and no need power. The downside of the machine is choosy input water. If you use this type of whole house water filter for drinking once, the input water must be pre-treated.

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Currently, on the market, there are many types of whole house Water Filters from many brands such as Karofi, Kangaroo, Coway, Sunhouse with different water filtration technologies. That makes many people wonder how to choose a suitable water purifier for the family but still ensure safe quality, bring high performance?

On the other hand, each water purifier company will have its own advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to judge the best type, which is not good. If you choose the right one for your needs, it is called the best product.

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Kangaroo KG109

Kangaroo KG109 is a best-selling product on the market, with the low-price segment that is popular with many families. RO technology integrated Nano Silver for 100% removal capacity to filter pure water, safe to drink directly.

Design machine with 9 filter cores. Designing a large 10-liter container for large families can recycle the quality of domestic wastewater, high filter life but depends on the quality of the family water source.

RO Filmtec Karofi KSI90 9 levels of whole house water purifier

RO Karofi KSI 90 can be used for many different water sources with 9 filtration levels but only 8 flexible cores, the output water quality meets the standards of the Ministry of Health and can be used for drinking directly.

whole house water purifier

The filter capacity of the 10 liters / h cabinet, low energy consumption, the product operates optimally with the function of disconnecting the power when full, reducing power consumption, an intelligent machine with the microcontroller, filtering ability, and shallow discharge helps to improve RO filter life.

Pureit water purifier – technology with 5 core filter

Pureit water purifier

Pureit brand manufactured in India, applying Nanofiltration technology with 5 levels of filtration.

The product does not use electric power, good filtration performance, note that the machine is limited when only using the filter for tap water or domestic water supply, the design of the machine is super compact, the size is small enough to accommodate every space. 9-liter water tank capacity suitable for the daily use of large families.

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Kangaroo VTU KG 08 water purifier

Kangaroo VTU KG 08 water purifier

Kangaroo Water Purifier VTU KG08 is a product of the Kangaroo brand. The device is equipped with a 6-core filter system, using the RO membrane filter imported from Korea, so it is capable of removing most impurities, bacteria, and heavy metals.

The machine has a relatively high ratio of pure water and wastewater , meaning that with 10 liters of water input, 3 liters of pure water can be used for drinking directly.

Sunhouse SHR76210CK Water Purifier

Sunhouse SHR76210CK Water Purifier

SUNHOUSE water purifier SHR76210CK is a product of SunHouse Vietnam, which is equipped with cabinets with tempered glass, automatic control system, and RO DOW filtration technology – United States.

The product is equipped with a 10-level filtration system in which the No. 9 nano-silver filter has a bactericidal and anti-reinfection effect.

The special feature of R.O SUNHOUSE water purifier SHR76210CK is that it is equipped with a heating system to help users more convenient during use.

RO water filter SHC

RO water filter SHC

RO water filter SHC is the machine line that many customers are interested in and looking for. Products manufactured and distributed by the Joint Stock Company with highlights such as the use of the new generation RO DOW Filmtec filter, 7 to 9 level filter core system with optimized silver bactericidal nanotechnology added

RO SHC water filter

RO SHC water filter

The multi-level filter system of the RO SHC water filter will get rid of bacteria, viruses, sediments, harmful impurities in the water source, and help prevent many dangerous diseases such as cancer, stomach, Gout. The design of the decorative pattern printed directly on the surface of tempered glass helps the machine always be luxurious when placed in any space.


  •  Prestige brand.
  •  High-quality filter core system.
  •  Silver nanotechnology disinfects very well.
  •  Luxurious style.

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Kangaroo water filter

Kangaroo water filter

Is Kangaroo water filter good? Kangaroo water filter has long been famous for RO 5 water filter products with a neat design that easily moves it to fit any space from office, school, or home.

The number of Kangaroo water filter products has the function of creating hot and cold water for you to choose from. Ultra-durable LG Block Cooling technology provides fast and deep cooling to save you time.

Some Kangaroo water filter products are ranked in the list of best-selling products in electronics supermarkets in Vietnam, such as Kangaroo KG50SD and Kangaroo KG47.


  • Luxurious style, easy layout
  • Nano Silver bactericidal technology.
  • Seven filters, membrane filters help remove bacteria, optimal impurities.


  • The price is a bit high


Karofi water filter

Karofi, kangaroo, or Sharp water filters are the most sought-after names with RO membrane technology that completely removes harmful contaminants in the water and replaces the necessary minerals for water after filtration. Karofi Water Filter Karofi uses Dow Filmtec filters of the United States, such as 6 cores, 8 cores, or 9 filter elements. 

Karofi water filter

In addition, it also comes with built-in water-quality filter elements such as T33-GAC core to help improve and stabilize the sweetness of water, mineral stone core complement minerals; infrared core x activates the water. Easily absorbed into the bloodstream

In terms of price, Karofi water filter has a quite affordable price that suits the needs and living environment. You can buy Karofi water filter products at supermarkets across the country.


  • Modern design, easy layout.
  • Good bactericidal technology.
  • Filter helps to remove bacteria, impurities very optimally.
  • Defect
  • The price is a bit high
  •  Place of sale genuine

Geyser water filter

Is Geyser water filter good? Geyser comes from a famous Russian brand and is trusted by many users, thanks to the most advanced water filtration technology. 

Geyser water filter

The water can completely filter out the microorganisms and bacteria in the water, such as arsenic, amoeba, ammonium, ecoli, chlorine gas, intestinal bacteria, bacterial spores. Safety and energy-saving even without electricity, now geyser has some of the best selling products such as nano geyser eco star 4, water filter nano geyser tk8.


  1. Simple design, easy to install.
  2. Good bactericidal technology.
  3. Filter helps to remove bacteria, impurities very optimally.

Ao Smith water filter

Ao Smith water filter

Is Ao Smith whole house water filter good? Ao Smith is made in the USA using UV technology with ultraviolet rays to completely eliminate bacteria. With UV Sterilizer technology in the bottle, it ensures the water is always in the purest conditions.

 3 built-in hot, cold, and warm technologies help meet most of your familys needs, whether at home or in the office. In addition, some Ao Smith products are also connected via USB to test, analyze, evaluate the operation of the machine, filter core, and error message to ensure your family always has the best quality water.


  • Delicately compact design.
  • Good bactericidal technology.
  • Filter helps to remove bacteria, impurities very optimally.


  • Expensive with high price.

The above is useful information about the water filters. Currently, on the market there are many. Anxiosreview hope that you will choose the best whole house water filter for your family.

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