What is residual chlorine? Which chloramine filters are good? 

Clean drinking water, free of bacteria, impurities are extremely necessary for the health of every person. The sad fact is many drinking water sources for families do not meet this requirement. Even in large cities that use tap water, this water source still contains many components that can be harmful to health, especially chlorine. Lets find out what is residual chlorine, the harmful effects of chlorine-flavored water and which chloramine filters are useful for your family.

What is chlorine?

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Chlorine is a gaseous non-metallic chemical. This substance is about 2.5 times heavier than air, has a strong odor that is difficult to smell, and has a strong toxicity.
This substance has a strong ability to bleach and disinfect. Chlorine is often used to remove and disinfect swimming pools. Chlorine is also used to kill bacteria in tap water treatment at water plants.

What is residual chlorine?

Residual chlorine (also known as free chlorine) in drinking water shows that: a sufficient amount of chlorine is initially added to the water to inactivate bacteria and some pathogenic viruses; and, water is protected from reinfection during storage before being used.

Free chlorine in drinking water is correlated with the reduction of disease-causing organisms. Residual chlorine is the amount of chlorine left in tap water after a certain time. This amount of residual chlorine in drinking water after a time of accumulation in human body can cause many health-related illnesses.

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The harmful effects of chlorine water on health

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Chlorine is an important element in the treatment of clean water, however, if it is left in drinking water, it can cause health problems.

Using drinking water with a chlorine content greater than the standard 0.5mg / Liter can cause poisoning for users.

The residual chlorine in the water will cause an unpleasant smell, hard to drink taste. As a very strong oxidizing agent, chlorine can cause problems with various symptoms. Depending on the concentration of chlorine in drinking water sources and the time of exposure, the degree of effect on the body will vary. Signs can include cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, etc. If using water containing chlorine in excess of the allowed level in a long time will cause many respiratory problems for the body.

Which chloramine filters are good?

Geyser Nano Water filter

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Geyser nano water purifier comes from Russia. It is a line of water purifiers applying the current advanced nano water filtration technology. With a system of only 3 filter cores, Geyser nano water purifier has the ability to completely remove impurities, dirt, heavy metals, residual chlorine, bacteria, viruses in water, for standardized output water which can be drunk directly without boiling.

Geyser nano water purifier can effectively handle chlorinated tap water, filters have the ability to deodorize chlorine, improve color, taste of water.

Geyser nano water purifier also has the ability to convert calcium crystal structure in water into calcium ion of Aragonite. Thanks to that, calcium in water after going through the filter of nano water purifier Geyser has a slender structure than normal calcium, helping the body absorb more easily.

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Aquasana AQ 5300 Water filter

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So far, Aquasana – USA is a pioneering and globally famous unit in researching and developing solutions for domestic water treatment.

With so many products with the most advanced technology, integrating many advantages and disadvantages of water purifiers, the water source is not only safe but also healthy. And one of the many such devices, it is impossible not to mention the Aquasana AQ 5300 multi-level family water purifier that US consumers rated as the best family water purifier for 6 consecutive years in the Consumers Digest magazine.

Aquasana AQ 5300 water purifier for families with the No. 1 brand in the United States will bring your family safe and healthy pure water to drink directly.

The product uses NSF certified Claryum® water filtration technology, which removes 97% of Chlorine, Chloramines, and more than 60 common pollutants, but retains beneficial minerals in the water such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. At the same time, improve the alkalinity and pH of water.

Coway RO Water filter

Coway family RO water purifier is a product of the Korean Coway Group – one of the leading brands in the field of home appliances and furniture. This is a high-class Korean water purifier.

The machine has a filtering system organized through 6 steps integrated in 3-5 filter cores.

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Steps 1 and 2 help remove chemicals such as VOCs, chlorine, pesticides, detergents, moss THMs, rust, sand, and insoluble particles.

Step 3 is the RO membrane, which is the heart of the machine, based on the principle of osmosis to completely eliminate viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals.

Steps 4 and 5 are the core filter system that removes odors and fine dust and the final step ceramic filter core enhances the taste of water and prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

In addition to using a high-tech filtration system, ensuring water quality, Coway water purifier also possesses outstanding features such as touch keyboard, special faucet integrated all 3 hot water modes, normal water, and cold water.

Barrier Nano Water filter

Barrier is a water purifier imported from Russia. This product is quite new, and not many consumers know about it. Barrier family water purifiers are applied with Nanofiltration technology, no power consumption, no wastewater and beneficial minerals in the water are maintained.

The machine works with 3 separate filter levels:

Level 1: This filter has the effect of filtering dirt, rust with a size larger than 5 micrometers thanks to the twisted polypropylene structure.

Level 2: Use exchangeable particles to soften hard water, reducing up to 95% of heavy metals in water

Level 3: Using Nanotechnology capable of removing 99.99% of harmful bacteria, residual chlorine, and organic substances, pesticides in water.

Nano Aquastar Water filter


Aquastar is a product from Japan, this water filtration brand applies nanotechnology and natural fossil minerals, has a strong antiseptic ability and increases minerals in the water.

AS 800 nano water purifier is a product that does not use a pump, so it does not use electricity.

The machine adopts 6 cores, eliminates bacteria and creates minerals:

  • Ceramic filter element: Helps to completely eliminate bacteria, viruses, and sediments.
  • Activated carbon: The core contains activated carbon particles, which help to deodorize colors, chlorine
  • KDF-55 + Titanium Alloy + FIR: Helps increase the amount of oxygen in the water, antioxidant.
  • Energy Converter + Alkaline FIR Ball: Helps to organize and split water molecules to stabilize PH
  • Tourmaline Filter: Produces negative ions, deodorizes water, reduces fatigue, enhances spirits.
  • Nano Silver: Helps disinfect quickly, against toxicity and eliminates bacteria, viruses.

Residual Chlorine may cause some dangerous health issues for humans. So hopefully, Axiosreview.org recommended chloramine filters can help you and your families remove residual Chlorine from your water and have a healthy life. 

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