Benefits air purifiers and why should we have one ?

Air purifiers are increasingly popular and popular in the market. So what is air purifier, what are benefits of air purifiers , what are their main features, how to use … lets find out with AXIOS REVIEW in this article!

What is an air purifier?

Benefits air purifiers

Air purifier is a device capable of filtering dust in the air through standard dust filter layers, eliminating allergens, odors, mold, thanks to ion technology, some products remain Features catching mosquitoes, humidifying the living space …

The mechanism of action of the air purifier

Even though an air purifier now has become one of the essentials, there are still confusion and misconception about how it works. So what exactly does an air purifier do?

Benefits air purifiers

Most air purifiers work on ion generation, some of which can generate both positive and negative ions thanks to Plasmacluster ion technology. As a result, it can purify the air, remove allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and reduce static electricity on the surface of objects.

In addition, in the air purifier, there is a raw filter to filter dirt that can be seen with the naked eye, activated carbon filter helps eliminate odors …

Especially, HEPA filter has a thin filament structure with a diameter of only 0.5 to 2 micrometers, so the filter has the ability to hold dirt, pollen, fungal spores, smoke … as small as 0.3 micrometers (= 0.003 mm).

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Benefits air purifiers


What exactly does an air purifier do

In addition, many air cleaners also have the ability to catch mosquitoes thanks to UV light, dark doors to guide mosquitoes, airflow and mosquito stickers placed inside the air purifier, large amounts of mosquitoes and insects. Small will be caught inside the camera body.

Benefits of air purifiers in life

Killing bacteria, H5N1 virus to 99.9%

The benefits of purifiers: 

  • Eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses: Frequent wet areas, crowded places such as hospitals, schools … often risk spreading bacteria in the air. The filter can filter and prevent spreading or destroying more than 95% …
Benefits air purifiers

Air purifiers that use Plasmacluster ion technology, namely Sharp air purifier, can kill 99.9% of the H5N1 virus in the air and 96.5% in solution.

These are the empirical results from prestigious research centers around the world and in some countries, such as one by Retroscreen Virology Institute (UK).

Air purifiers use Plasmacluster ion technology based on the principle of emitting charged ions, impacting the protein structure of bacteria, viruses that break and prevent their reproduction.

Benefits air purifiers


Filtering the dust with the size as small as 0.3 micrometers

The benefits of purifiers:

  • Filter dust, clean the air: For city areas, densely populated, smog … using the air purifier will minimize most of the raw dirt, bringing fresh living space. 

Most air purifiers currently on the market are equipped with various layers of dust filters, the most advanced of which is the HEPA filter.

Benefits air purifiers

As a product invented to filter contaminated radioactive particles, HEPA filters are capable of holding particles as small as 0.3 micrometers (about 0.0025 in diameter per hair), including fine dust PM2.5 – dust harmful to the heart and brain, often found in vehicle exhaust fumes, industrial exhaust fumes …

What exactly does an air purifier do

HEPA is usually the last filter in the cleaning stage of air purifiers. The amount of dirt that passes through the machines rough filter layer will be retained almost entirely on this filter.

Deodorizing tobacco, food smell, toxic dust

Benefits air purifiers
The benefits of purifiers:
  • Eliminate stubborn odors: the smell of sweat, food, cigarettes, smoke … is also completely removed when using the air purifier in the room.

Activated carbon filters are often used in air purifiers to retain stubborn odors such as cigarette smell, food smell, smoke smell, body odor … Along with ion dispersion technology will help the air. The room is clean and clean.

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Removing mold, allergens.

  • Air purifiers with HEPA filters can also filter small particles of pollen and mold that are difficult for the naked eye to see 99.97%. Allergens such as pollen, pollen, and hair of dogs and cats are also filtered and removed.

Benefits air purifiers

In addition, with Plasmacluster ion technology, the high ion density generated will disrupt the molecular structure and limit the growth of parasitic molds. They are thereby returning the atmosphere in the room to be more open and fresh.

According to the UK Allergy Certification Organization, an air purifier that applies Plasmacluster ions technology is appropriate for allergy sufferers, thanks to its benefits of significantly reducing allergy exposure on a scientific basis.

Moisturizing skin and hair

Benefits air purifiers
  • Moisturizes skin and hair thanks to humidification technology: Some air purifiers on the market have the ability to automatically humidify by generating steam through the moisture filter and evaporate naturally into the air, helping maintaining room humidity is always optimal.

This natural evaporation humidifying system keeps your skin and throat dry and dehydrated, thereby improving moisturized skin and preventing respiratory diseases.

Mosquito catching feature

Catching mosquitoes is a unique feature found on some air purifiers. Humid environment with prolonged rainy season is often the area with many mosquitoes, insects …

Air purifiers have the ability to “seduce” and catch mosquitoes extremely effectively, avoiding infectious diseases caused by mosquito bites.

Benefits air purifiers


What exactly does an air purifier do

By using UV light, some air purifiers have dark doors that guide mosquitoes, suction air and mosquito patches inside the air purifier, which leads a large numbers of mosquitoes and small insects to be trapped inside the body.

This is a product popular with many people because it addresses the increasing situation of mosquitoes in the suburbs, rivers …

Saving energy 

Benefits air purifiers

Air purifiers have a significant advantage in the ability to save electricity. You absolutely do not need to worry about power consumption if you have to turn on the machine 24 / 24h, because the power consumption of the machine when in auto mode is only approximately equal to one incandescent lamp in the house (about 30 ~ 50 W / h ). If you use a machine with a capacity of 50 W within 24 hours will only cost about 1 kilogram of electricity.

From its inception, air purifiers are often compared to air conditioners in terms of air purification. Not to mention the ability to filter the air more optially, if only compared to the power consumption, using an air purifier is also a lot more economical than air conditioning.

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Benefits air purifiers

For example: The power consumption of an air purifier (an area of ​​less than 20 m2) is about 0.05 kW / h, while an equivalent air conditioner (using energy-efficient inverter technology) ) has a power consumption of more than 0.8 kW / h. 16 times higher.

Some other benefits of air purifiers

  • Eliminate static electricity on skin, clothes in a cold, dry environment, help prevent pollen, dirt from attaching to curtains, clothes, and other surfaces in the room.
  • Some dehumidifying air purifiers can dry out and deodorize clothes overnight.
Benefits air purifiers

The air purifier is no stranger to us, especially in big cities, helping to reduce the pollution of dust, toxic emissions, bacteria. Certainly, after acknowledging those significant benefits air purifiers, you could choose an air purifier for your house.

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