Water Pollution Effects In Human life, Protect Yourself With Water Filters

Water accounts for 70% of the Earths surface area, an integral component of every living organism. However, water pollution is becoming a problem not only in developed countries but also in the world because the protection of the water environment has not been given priority. So what is water pollution ? What are its causes ? And how does it affect human life ? Lets find out right through the article below!

Water Pollution Definition

Water Pollution

In simple terms, water pollution is a phenomenon in which rivers, lakes, seas, and groundwater are contaminated with toxic substances contained in plant protection drugs, industrial wastes, and daily-life wastes, which have great consequences on the lives of humans and natural creatures.

The European Charter has defined water pollution as follows: Water pollution is a general change due to human impact on water quality, contaminating and possibly endangering humans, for animals, for the agricultural industry.

Origin And Agent Of Water Pollution

Water Pollution

  • Industrial waste
  • Domestic wastewater has not been treated
  • Exploiting mineral resources
  • Oil leak by accident
  • Use fossil fuels
  • Global warming
  • Radioactive waste
  • Urbanization
  • Animal waste
  • Leaked underground storage
  • Causes of water pollution

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Causes Of Water Pollution

Soluble ions and organic compounds are the two main causes of water pollution.

The dissolved ions are in water

Domestic wastewater always contains a large amount of dissolved ions in water such as: K +, Na +, Cl-, SO42-. In industrial wastewater, the ions mentioned above can also contain heavy metals such as Hg, Pb, As, Cd, Cr, which are the agents causing poisoning and carcinogen if people drink them. Specific types:


Nitrogen and Phosphorus salts are nutrients that help plants and algae thrive at appropriate concentrations. The nutrients are often present in natural water sources, although not toxic to humans, but when the concentration is high, it will cause eutrophication, algae growth, and the lakes water will become green and mug with a large amount of sediment is formed due to dead algae carcasses. If this situation continues, the pond will become a swampy area, the life of aquatic animals will be destroyed.

Ion SO42- (Sulfate)

High sulfate concentration in seawater, alum water, natural water sources can cause water pollution. High concentrations of sulfate can be caused by metabolic microorganisms that produce sulfites and sulfuric acid, which can corrode pipes and concrete and can even damage crops at high concentrations.

Ion Cl- (Chloride)

Chloride is one of the important soluble ions in wastewater. However, in the water environment when chloride combined with other types of ions such as sodium, potassium causes taste for water. When the water has a high concentration of Cl-, it causes corrosion of metals, reducing the life of concrete works when exposed to water. Ion Cl- is not harmful to human health but it is salty, harmful to plants.

Heavy metal ions

Water Pollution

Heavy metals are highly toxic to humans. Heavy metals include substances such as Pb, Hg, Cr, As, Mn, etc. They occur in water through the wastewater of battery, metallurgy, petrochemical, etc.

  • People when drinking lead water will cause neurotoxicity, death if seriously poisoned
  • Mercury is a very toxic metal to humans, in the 1960s mercury pollution in Japan caused more than 1,000 deaths.
  • Arsenic is a poison for humans and animals. It has the ability to accumulate in the human body if ingested and cause cancer in a short time.

Heavy metals are one of the causes of pollution of aquatic and aquatic water environments today.

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Organic Compounds

water pollution

It is estimated that there are about 60,105 tons of synthetic organic substances originating from pesticides, stimulants, and food additives that affect human health.

Organic compounds are easily biodegradable

In domestic wastewater, food-processing industry wastewater contains biodegradable organic compounds such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc. These organic substances have the potential to harm to the aquatic products. When they decompose, they will reduce the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water which will kill shrimp and fish

Sustainable organic compounds

In contrast, sustainable organic compounds are highly toxic, they are often found in industrial wastes, water flowing from fields, threatening the quality of water resources, affecting humans and creatures.

Greasy compounds are difficult to dissolve

Hard-to-melt grease is also one of the causes of water pollution because grease contains complex chemical composition which causes difficulty in dissolving in water. Grease is originated from domestic wastewater or crude oil exploitation activities at sea. These are highly toxic compounds.

Pathogenic microorganisms in wastewater

Domestic wastewater contains many types of pathogenic microorganisms, and can transmit diseases to humans. These microorganisms are bacteria, viruses, protozoa, helminths, etc., which do not start from the water source, but need a host to live and thrive. If water has a large number of microorganisms, it is a polluted water source.

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Consequences Of Water Pollution For Humans 

Consequences of water pollution for human health

Almost all forms of water contamination are detrimental to human health. Water contamination does not instantly affect our health, but can be harmful after long-term exposure. Various forms of water contamination impact safety in a variety of ways: 

  • Toxic chemicals from industrial processes can accumulate in nearby lakes and rivers. These are harmful to marine animals and plants, such as fish and shellfish, and also to those that consume them. Heavy metals can slow growth , leading to birth defects and cancer. 

  • Industrial waste also contains radioactive substances that are detrimental to our health. Some toxins in industrial waste can only have a strong effect, while others can be deadly. We can get serious issues such as immunosuppression, reproductive failure, or acute poisoning. 

  • Wastewater contaminants also contribute to infectious diseases for aquatic species and terrestrial organisms by drinking water. Microorganism-contaminated water is a hot topic in developing countries, including diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever. Those are believed to be the primary cause of infant mortality. 

Consequences Of Water Pollution For Humans

  • The suspended particles in freshwater decrease the quality of drinking water for humans.

The consequence of water pollution for the economy

The consequence of water pollution for the economy

Water pollution can harm the economy because it can be costly to treat and prevent pollution. Decomposition waste quickly accumulates in water and flows into the oceans.

Groundwater pollution can be treated by preventing pollutants from contaminating nearby creatures. There are various types of water treatment to get away from water pollution, such as biological filters, additives, sand filters. 

These basic methods are expensive to maintain in the long run. Meanwhile, preventive measures are much more affordable than cleaning up contaminated result. The cost of cleaning water contamination depends on some certain criteria:

  • What is important in determining how much the cleaning costs will be is the size of water pollution area. If the water is polluted in an easy-to-move area, the cleaning costs will be cheaper.
  • The size of the water pollution area should also be considered, the larger the pollution area, the more expensive the cost of cleaning.
  • The type of water pollutant can also strongly affect the cleaning costs, some specific types of pollutants are harder to clean than others, and are therefore more expensive.

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Affected By Water Pollution, Protect Yourself With Water Filers

In order to overcome the current situation of water pollution, we need to raise peoples awareness, promote communication, and propagandize about the consequences of water pollution to the environment. like the health of each person.

Enterprises and production areas need to collect waste collectively, to bury and properly handle techniques, to avoid infiltration into groundwater.

Each individual or organization needs to be aware of protecting the water environment and its surrounding environment, throwing garbage in prescribed places, limiting the use of indestructible waste like plastic bags, and use organic bio-products to protect the environment.

In areas with polluted water sources, it is necessary to use specialized water filters, chemical settling agents to remove heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc.

The departments need to constantly urge and inspect companies about the status of wastewater treatment. In rural areas, there should be discussions with farmers about the awareness of raising animals and the use of pesticides safely.

In addition, people should also equip their families with the system of water filter for family wells, water purifiers to completely eliminate toxic substances, heavy metals, to create a pure clean water source to serve. for daily needs.

use water filters to avoid water pollution

Domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, medical wastewater should be treated with PAC chemicals. The product is applied to separate suspended impurities, wastes contained in water, and is highly effective in treating oil and grease contaminated water when using transfer method.

In order to effectively solve water pollution, these solutions need to be developed and implemented from all levels, from global, nationwide to each locality. 

Hopefully, with the above information about water pollution , readers will have an overview of the water pollution and will join hands to keep water clean. Follow us at Axiosreview to be provided with more useful tips and reviews. 

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