Best Whole House Water filtration Systems 2020

What is the whole house water filtration systems ? 

whole house water filtration systems


The whole house water filtration system is also known as a raw filtration system. Including composite filter column and filtration materials that specialize in the treatment of tap water, well water, rainwater, river water, etc. to produce cleaner, clearer, safer water for users health and especially meeting the standards of domestic water QCVN 02: 2009 of the Ministry of Health.

Water filtration systems for the whole house include many different systems, corresponding to each water sources different characteristics.

Why is the whole house water filtration system necessary ?

With the current situation of water pollution, it will affect the living and drinking water of people become more difficult. Even when using polluted water such as alum, lime (hardness), high content of dissolved solids (TDS), bacteria, viruses, etc. will cause serious diseases and, in the long-run, risk of cancer diseases. Specifically:

About living

Using water contaminated with alum or lime, etc. to wash clothes will make the clothes yellow, crumpled or dry, uncomfortable to wear to the body, sometimes causing symptoms of itchiness or dermatitis, etc.

  • The use of polluted water will make soap bubbles less, so washing dishes, washing cars, etc. requires a lot of new soap to clean ➞ costly money.
  • Using unhygienic water for personal activities will cause symptoms such as yellowing teeth, dry hair, brittle hair; when bathing skin prone to sunburn, rash, itching uncomfortable. There are also more serious dermatological conditions.

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About health

When eating, drinking untreated water sources, when absorbed into the body, will cause the digestive system to be adversely affected. Especially the intestinal tract, and causes symptoms: dull abdominal pain, sudden and constant intermittent diarrhea, causing weakness, the body is severely dehydrated, if not compensated enough, the lost water will have high risk of death

  • Parts of the body such as the liver, kidneys, etc. will have reduced working functions. In the case of using polluted water in the long term, there is a risk of cancer
whole house water filtration systems

Water filtration system for the whole house

Best whole house water filtration systems 

Buyer’s guide

To identify what is a good general household water filtration system, we need to know the following information to have a basis for product selection more quickly and conveniently:

  • A good water filtration system is to have clear product information, certification of origin (CO / CQ)
  • The quality of filtered water must be cleaner, cleaner, safer for users and must meet the standards of daily-life water of the Ministry of Health.
  • Make sure the total water filtration system operates in strict accordance with strict procedures.
  • To choose the right product, you need to find a supplier with a clear, branded company. You should not find and choose products in small establishments, unprofessional, non-professional way of working. In the field of water treatment, this is a prerequisite for selecting a good total domestic water filtration system.
  • It is necessary to analyze and check the water source first and then install it so that the whole house water filtration system can be operated smoothly and smoothly, avoiding unexpected incidents.
  • Provide the amount of water that meets the needs of all family members
  • When purchasing, there must be business papers, product handover papers, signatures, and full acceptance.
  • When installing the system, there must be a commitment to ensure the treatment of the water source, a clear warranty policy.

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1. Water filtration system for whole houses UF ECO 02

a. The water filtration system consists of 3 levels.

This is the total filtration system developed by us. Through the process of implementing hundreds of works, we have perfected the water filtration system for the whole house and filter the total villa building to meet the needs of different.

Villa water filtration system with 3 basic filtration levels, the system is highly appreciated for its efficient water filtration.

Water quality assessment indicators:

  • Completely remove heavy metals in water such as Iron, Calcium, Magnesium. Especially arsenic
  • Completely remove bacteria, larva eggs, organic substances in water
  • Clean water source meets the US regulations on water and clean water usage.
whole house water filtration systems


b. Composition of water filtration systems for whole family

The essential components that must be included in a bottom-up filter column include:

  • Filter pebbles: Function creates gaps to collect water, helping water move easily, without clogging the system. The price is stable because there are not many requirements. Filter stones are less prone to wear during use.
  • Filter sand: Function to prevent particles on the filter material and help remove impurities suspended in large sizes. Filter sand has many types of sizes, depending on the flow of water through fast or slow. The sizes are different, but the price is not different and stable. Filter sand is less abrasive during use.

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  • Raising pH: Water, after going through filter materials, usually has a decreased pH. Raising pH helps raise the pH of the water after filtering to ensure the pH of the water does not fall too low, causing metal materials in the family to rust. Abrasive during the use of the whole house water filtration system.
  • Cation particles: The function of exchanging ions, Mg, etc. reduces the hardness in water (lime), helping the indoor devices not to be lime after a period of use. Different brands in the market with high price differences such as India, England, France, the USA, China, etc. Currently, branded products of India and England are popular. Currently, on the market 2 types of cation filter beads of India and England are used mainly. Cation particles are less prone to wear during use and can be reused many times.
  • Activated carbon: Function of color, odor, and some metals in water. Helps clear water and does not smell chlorine. Activated carbon on the market today comes mainly from Vietnam (Ben Tre), so the price is very stable and not much difference. Water filtration system with activated carbon is very easy to wear during use
  • Metal filter particles: The function of retaining metals in water such as iron, lead, arsenic, etc. Helps household appliances not to rust after a period of use. This filter beads have many types and many different brands. The price difference between the types is quite large. However, there are now nuts produced in Vietnam, and the prices are relatively low, easy to buy and transport. This type of grain is easy to wear out over time

2. High-class water filtration system Nature water NB2X2 (2.5M3/h)

Technical data

  • Product code: NW-NB2X2
  • System components: Primary filter NW1 * Total filter CF-B2 * Softener XB2
  • Brand: Nature Water
  • 3 year warranty
  • Filter capacity: 2.5m3 / h
  • Operating mode: Automatic
  • Operating pressure: 0.15 – 0.6 MPa
  • Voltage: 220V – 50Hz
  • Column size CF2: 112x35x30 (Height x length x width) cm
  • BX2 column size: 112x45x30 cm

Great benefits in the protection of appliances and household items

whole house water filtration systems
  • Protection of high-class ceramic and porcelain equipment: Washbasins, toilets, bathtubs, floors, tiles, faucets, washing machines, water heaters, etc., free from stains, dullness, yellowing, rust, corrosion, deposits.
  • Wash the dishes with hard water (high Ca2 + and Mg2 + content) after the dried dishes and dishes always appear white spots on the wall of the cup, this can be an ideal environment for the development of parasitic bacteria or Stain stains that are uncomfortable for users. With the high-end Basic 2 filter system, you can solve all the above troubles, remove white spots on bowls, plates, ceramic appliances.

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  • Mirror glass will not be opaque, sinks, sinks, toilets clean longer, extending the life of household appliances.
  • Protect pipes, avoid pipe deposits and rust
  • Extend the life of the direct drinking water purifier
  • Washing clothes will be whiter and softer while using up to 30% less detergent, detergent, and detergent
  • Great benefits in beautifying skin and hair
  • Prevents aging and moisturizes the skin to make it softer and smoother
  • Makes hair softer, free of sclerosis
  • Save up to 30% in usage and environmental protection costs
  • The equipment in the family is protected to extend life; the performance of the device is not affected, thus saving a lot of costs during use.
  • Reduces energy efficiency by reducing plaque, which reduces the thermal efficiency in hot and cold baths, dishwashers, washing machines, and other water-based appliances.
  • Reduce up to 30% of household cleaners, saving you time, effort, electricity, and water bills.
  • Environmental protection due to the limited use of many detergents: Detergents are the cause of water pollution, global environmental pollution, these components accumulate in groundwater for a long time and are difficult to decompose.

The above is useful information about whole house water filtration systems . Currently, on the market there are many different water filtration systems , you should consider carefully before installing them. To have more experiences in choosing the best water filter please follow Axiosreview to get newest articles. 

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