Top 8 Best Water Filter Pitchers – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

Filtering water has proven to be the most convenient and easy method to turn contaminated water into pure, clean water for your family. Recently, water filters pitcher have become very popular because they are effective in filtering water in a number of ways that no other technology can be comparable.

Here are the top 8 best water filter pitchers that are selected by customers around the world. If you want to improve your familys water supply and want to buy a water filter pitcher right away, take a look at the suggestions here!

Top 8 Best Water Filter Pitchers – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

Brita 10 Cup Grand Filter Water Pitcher

Did you know that water impurities such as cadmium, copper, and mercury, if taken for a long time, can adversely affect your health? Fortunately, Brita brand designed this 10 Cup Grand Water Filter Pitcher to completely filter out the dirt, toxic chemicals from water, ensuring the health of every member of your family.

Brita 10 Cup Grand Filter Water Pitcher

The positive thing about this Brita is that it is made of high-quality plastic, completely BPA free, and does not cause health complications during use.

In particular, this 10-glass Brita water filter is certified to effectively reduce mercury, cadmium, and copper from the water, compared to other types of other water filter pitcher, the benefit is superior. This water tank filter can serve up to 40 gallons of water.


  •  No BPA
  • There is a volume filter indicator.
  • There are many colors for you to choose, suitable for many home styles as well as the preferences and personality of many people.

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The Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The Alkaline Water Pitcher is one of the best water bottles on the market, comparable to Brita filters and other water filtration brands like Pur. 

The Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

More importantly, you need to understand that the unique water tank that includes a high-grade 7-layer cartridge is a blend of carbon, mineral balls, tourmaline, and ion exchange resins, allowing complete filtration of dirt, bacteria, pesticide residues out of the water, providing the purest and purest water possible.


  • Instant filter
  • Has a unique and elegant design, suitable tastes for many people.

PH Restore Alkaline Water pitcher ionizer by invigorated water

Did you know that drinking water with ions helps improve your health by detoxifying your body? Yes, this is a fact recognized by health professionals. And that is also why you need the next pH RESTORE bottle.

 As a bonus, drinking water is filtered through this special system, which can speed up your metabolism, not only good for overall health but also good for the purpose of weight loss in the future.


  • Have a digital barometer displayed when its time to change filters
  • Comes with two permanent filters.
  • Beautiful and elegant design suitable for modern life.

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Quickpour Airtight Pitcher With Locking Spout Japanese Mad

If you’re looking for some of the best water filter pitcher on the market, QuickPour can be a great option.

This water pitcher has a unique design for easy handling. With just one hand, you can choose a jar from your refrigerator, open it, pour yourself a cup, and close it. Its quite simple, isnt it?


  • Easy handling and operation.
  • Fast filtering process.


Clearly Filtered Clean Water Pitcher

If youre looking for the best pitcher on the market, look no further than this clear filtered pitcher. When using this special water bottle, make sure that the water does not contain 99.99% of contaminants, including chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, and many others.


  • High-quality filtration process.
  • Easy to install, fill, and use.

Brita Water Pitcher With 1 Filter, Hydro, BPA free, Chili red

The Brita Water Filter series is one of the unique products that use Filter-As-You-Pour technology, allowing you to have much better water than many of the topwater bottles on the market. The water pitcher can serve up to 40 gallons before replacing it. Unfortunately, Brita Stream containers are only compatible with Brita Stream filters.


  • Enables fast filtering
  • Cost savings
  • There is an electronic filter indicator
  • No need to soak before use

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Clear Genius Reusable Cartridge With Filter Pod Su-11

This is simply a water filtration system, including reusable cartridges and filter covers. This system is used with Pur, Clear Genius, and Brita water jars. The Clear Genius Cartridge Cartridge turns tap water into a healthy drink. The cartridge contains ion exchange resin and activated carbon, which supports the filtration process.


  • Cheaper
  • There is a reusable cartridge

Clearly Filtered Stainless steel Bottle Replacement Filter

This product is an alternative filter used on clear stainless steel water bottles. The adsorbent and activated carbon are the exclusive mixture in this filter pitcher and can last up to 100 gallons. From all freshwater sources, the water filter pitcher has a 99.99% rate in filtering contaminants.


  • Works immediately.
  • It is inexpensive and cost-effective when compared to purchasing bottled water
  • It ranks highly for fluoride and leads filtration

Are filtered water pitchers worth buying?

Yes, they might. Here are the reasons: 

They re cheap. 

For anywhere from about $20 up to $75, you can pick up a water filter pitcher. But remember, you get what you pay for, just like anything else. It May not be the best choice for the cheapest one. 

Also, bear in mind that youre going to have to replace the filters, so youd have to factor that into the cost. 

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They are compact, so they are easy to use. 

Simply fill the top with tap water and wait until it filters through. Hence there is no need to install anything more to your plumbing. 

You can use them at home or take them to the office with you, on holiday or wherever you like. And if you want your water-cooled, you can keep them in the fridge. 

Depending on the brand, they can remove a variety of contaminants. 

Most water filter pitchers should at least strip out chlorine and make the taste and smell of your tap water better. Many pitchers also must eliminate dangerous contaminants such as lead and chemicals. Again, do your homework and search for a plan to eliminate the toxins you fear the most. 

Any of the items in this review should give you better water for the taste. But, AXIOS REVIEW thinks its best to get the most bang for your dollar if youre going to buy one, so go for one that does more than just enhance the taste.

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