[Hot new] Top 5 Best Air Purifier Brands  ( Update 2020 )

The purpose of the air purifier is to help the small space environment in the family have a clean and healthy atmosphere for health.

However, not all users are knowledgeable about the product, to know how to choose for themselves the best air purifier

Therefore, this article will point out the experiences that help users have useful information before choosing to buy products. Besides, AXIOS REVIEW will suggest some of the best air purifiers sold on the market and highly appreciated by many customers.

What is air purifier ?

What is air purifier

As we know, the air purifier is one of the essential household appliances used in the home. It is capable of filtering all the dirt in the air thanks to the structure of the inner filters which help to remove agents such as bad smell, bacteria, mold.

Instructions to help you buy an air purifier

Understand the needs of using air purifier

Identifying needs is a very important factor, we must first understand our needs clearly so that air purifiers can be effective.

For example, the geography of each region is different if the region you live in is sometimes cold and dry, you should choose a type of air purifier capable of creating many ions to help keep the humidity stable.

As for climates such as hot and humid rains, we can choose the air purifiers that are able to balance the level of moisture, helps the room cool to maintain the temperature.

Room area 

What is air purifier

It is important to consider the size of your room in accordance with the capacity of the air purifier, so users can refer to the following:

  • For the capacity of the air purifier with a flow of about 160 m3/h, it will fit into an area of ​​15m2 such as bedrooms.
  • As for the capacity of the air purifier with a flow of about 180 m3/h, it will be more suitable for an area of ​​15 to 20m2.
  • For the capacity of the air purifier with a flow of 240 m3 / h, it will be more suitable for an area of ​​20 to 30m2 as the living room.
  • For the capacity of the air purifier with the flow of air from 360 m3/h, it will give priority to the area from 30 to 40m2 of the large living room.
  • For the capacity of air purifiers with a flow of 510 m3/h, it will be suitable for an area of ​​40m2 or more like large halls.

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Above is the standard fluctuation of the flow of each type of air purifier for each area so users should know how to apply to their home.

Design and function of the air purifier

air purifier

Regarding the design to evaluate a good filter, we only need to pay attention to the quality of the outer shell made from what material, as currently most of the high-quality air purifiers must be made from ABS plastic material.

This type of plastic will help protect the machine in a firm way, especially resistant to dirt, so it is convenient for users to clean.

In addition, for the minimum function, the air purifier must meet the basic requirements for killing bacteria, odors such as mold smoke, or other unpleasant odors to ensure a clean atmosphere for the family. 

5 best air purifier brands 2020

Below is a list of the top brands that have the reputation of producing the best air purifiers on the market, so that users can identify which brands are trusted before buying.

Boneco air purifier

Boneco air purifier

Boneco air purifier is a brand from Switzerland founded in 1956. For over 60 years, Boneco is a pioneer in the field of researching and manufacturing air purifiers. Bonecos products meet AHAM standards, UL, EN, CE and many other prestigious international awards.

Boneco owns a range of air purifiers, humidifiers suitable for many areas of houses, offices, and specialized filtration systems for each audience especially young children, elderly people with asthma, or for households living in polluted areas.

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Boneco strongly focuses on the HEPA-specific filter system and activated carbon capable of filtering up to 99.97% of PM2.5 fine dust, virus bacteria, pollen, tobacco smoke, cigars, and unpleasant odors in the air. The purifiers are constantly being improved, ensuring superior quality for families to cope with more and more harmful agents in the environment.

Airocide air purifier

Airocide air purifier

Airocide air purifier is manufactured in the USA, invented by the US Department of Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Airocide was rated the best commercial product at the 2014 Edison Gold Award and 4/5-star quality on Amazon.

Airocide is popular in the high-end market. This is a highly effective product with many outstanding features, trusted by doctors and hospitals.

With the technology “No filter” and the different dual bactericidal mechanism of PCO, Airocide can completely eliminate bacteria, viruses, PM2.5 fine dust.

Super-sensitive sensor mode together with a special technical steam fan helps to adjust the optimal flow and capacity. The machine is durable (only needs to replace the reactor 1 year / 1 time), modern design, unique and 5-year warranty.

Sharp air purifier

Sharp air purifier

This is one of the firms with the best-selling air purifier products. Sharp from Japan was founded a long time ago in 1912, later it was acquired by a Hong Kong company and then thrived with the current workforce of 48,000 employees.

Meanwhile, items such as air purifiers and other key household products are also meticulously processed under factories before being distributed to the market. In general, the advantages of sharp air purifiers have a lot of features for users to choose from.

Key products include such as separate room air purifier, living room air purifier for large spaces. The highlight of Sharps product is the high-quality filter that can create many negative ions, helping to balance and filter the air to keep moisture and completely kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

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Some of the best-selling and highly appreciated air purifiers are the Sharp FP-GM30E-B, Sharp FP-F40E-W, and SHARP FP-F30E-C filters.

Panasonic air purifier

Panasonic air purifier

Panasonic is surely familiar with many customers. It’s one of the leading home appliances manufacturers in the top 10 strong multinational companies. The advantages of the Panasonic air purifier series are very modern, sophisticated design features.

In addition, with exclusive NanoE technology, it helps to purify the air significantly to help clean the pollution at a distance of 30cm from the floor. At the same time adding a moisturizing function in combination with Nano hydration can help restore the skins moisture to a natural level.

Hitachi air purifier

Hitachi air purifier

Hitachi, a Japanese manufacturer, is a multinational corporation, ranked 371 among the largest companies in the world. No less than Panasonic air purifier maker, most of the products launched by Hitachi are products that exceed customers expectations.

The characteristic of the internal structure of the Hitachi air purifier has the advantage of a double quality stainless steel filter, helping to improve the durability. In addition, other features are equipped with modern technology as the leading brands in the market.

Another great thing is that the adjustment function of the Hitachi air purifier series is easy to use and adjust, plus the humidifying function, increasing humidity to bring users absolute comfort.

The price of Hitachi air purifier ranges from low to high. Typically the best-selling products are HITACHI EP-A3000, HITACHI EP-A5000.

Above are the reviews to choose the best air purifiers today we want to convey to 2020 users. Hopefully, with the above knowledge and knowledge, users will know how to choose the most suitable air purifier.

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