Do You Know : The Importance Of Water Purifiers In Life ?

Why should you use Water purifiers ? Pollution is increasing; water sources are potentially many risks to human diseases. The use of water purifiers to provide a safe source of clean water is more urgent than ever. In this article, AXIOS REVIEW will show you the importance of water purifiers to human life.

water purifiers

The fact of current water sources

People living water sources are quite diverse; in urban areas, mainly tap water, suburban areas, rural areas, rural regions use well water, there are some places directly using rainwater.

Tap water:

In big cities, tap water is treated temporarily; it can be said to be enough to meet the standard of living water. However, recently there have been records of arsenic levels exceeding the permissible level in some areas causing many worries for people.

In suburban areas, rural areas, rural areas, water is pumped directly from rivers and lakes, preliminarily treated at water filtration plants, and then transferred to people for use pathogen.

water purifiers

Borehole water: mainly used in rural areas, in well water contains many kinds of virus bacteria, different, hard, and alum contamination happens much. Not to mention that the underground water is increasingly affected by the waste, toxic wastewater of factories, industrial facilities.

Rainwater: in the past, rain could be said to be clean, used by many people, but now due to environmental degradation, rainwater has also polluted.

It is this situation that has forced people to be forced to use household water filters to protect themselves and other members from the risk of disease from domestic water.

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Why we need a water purifier

Polluted water is the leading cause of diseases, especially in developing countries. Bottled water does not provide the necessary needs for the amount of nutritional water needed for the body.

As we said, as society develops modern technology, the amount of wastewater discharged into the environment is not small, affecting human activities.

When the water is polluted, the danger is great for human health because, in dirty water, there are many germs, toxins that can easily cause diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, trachoma, and other diseases and other gynecological diseases.

Especially in bad weather, disease control will be more difficult and adversely affect human health and the economy.

water purifiers

Urban water treatment facilities may not be regularly inspected by the proliferation of pollutants, causing dangerous bacteria in tap water. The only way to ensure polluted water is by using water filtration lines.

Some types of cancer can be caused by the use of toxic, polluted water. Healthy drinking water is essential for a childs intellectual and physical development. For pregnant women, drinking pure water containing lead can cause birth defects.

There are 2,100 contaminants in the known drinking water source that may also occur in tap water. According to the EPA, lead in drinking water causes 480,000 cases of children with learning disorders every year in the United States.

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Benefits from using water purifiers

  • The water purifier removes chlorine and bacterial contaminants, so it tastes better and better than untreated water.
  • The water purifier removes lead from drinking water immediately before use, thus preventing this toxic substance from entering the body.

  • Using a water filter saves the cost of using clean water compared to when using bottled water or bottled water. Water filters significantly reduce the risk of rectal, colon, and bladder cancer by removing chlorine and chlorine by-products from drinking water.

water purifiers
  • Using drinking water from clean water will bring better health to users. A water purifier provides fresh, healthy water for cooking

  • Using water from a water purifier reduces the risk of gastrointestinal diseases by more than 33% by removing cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water.

  • Drinking pure water is especially crucial for children. Water purifiers provide healthy water for children to develop their immune systems. Water purifiers provide the last line of defense between the body and more than 2100 known poisons that may be present in drinking water.

The need for RO water purifier for health

Through the characteristics of the two above, heavily polluted water is becoming an alarming situation today, so the use of RO water purifiers in every family is essential to protect your health. and family.

Using home water filters will bring advantages such as:

  • Ability to purify up to 99.99% of bacteria, microorganisms, and other heavy metal components. The filtered water is pure and ready to drink. Water filter with a capacity of 10 liters to ensure an adequate supply of water for use.
  • Ro water purifier does not pick up water sources, so it can be used for tap water, wells that have been filtered raw. When the water filter runs out of water, the function of automatically disconnecting when the pressure tank is full helps save electricity and water to ensure continuous water supply.
  • Compact design helps save space, easy to install and use, suitable for use in homes, agencies, and offices.

Many different water filters are using advanced technology in the world. Still, due to the complex water conditions, especially the concentration of dissolved solids and heavy metals in the water, it is too high domestic water only suitable for RO water purifier.

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RO technology, or reverse osmosis technology, was first invented and used in the US in the 1960s, then spread to other countries. The water purifier utilizing this technology is equipped with reverse osmosis RO membrane, on the structure surface of 0.1-nanometer micro-filtration holes.

In principle of filtration, under the influence of extremely high pressure, the pure water particles will be pushed through the membrane, and all the dirt, bacteria, viruses, organic compounds, heavy metals of significant size will be entangled and out in the sewage line.

Because the filter mainly relies on mechanical filtration pressure and the RO membrane is washed regularly, the machine can produce pure water with all the different water sources, the RO membrane life is guaranteed. If using other devices with Nanotechnology or UF, when the input water is not guaranteed, it will easily cause clogging, the life of the machine is not high, and the output water quality will not be guaranteed.

Final thoughts: The peoples lives are mostly at an average level, so the price of water purifiers is also significant. Of all water filtration technologies, the cost of RO water filters is still the lowest. In particular, in terms of suppliers, Karofi is the only brand with RO water purifier with superior features compared to other brands, and the price is only at the standard level suitable to many conditions for different families.

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