Easy Way To Maintain And Clean An Air Purifier

If you want the air purifier to work properly, it needs to be used properly. If you want to use it for a long time, you cannot ignore proper maintenance and cleaning. This not only keeps the air filtration efficiency stable but also contributes to the longevity of the family air purifier. Today, AXIOS REVIEW will guide in detail how to clean the air purifier as well as the attention to use for your reference offline !

How to store an air purifier ?

Choose the right air purifier

store an air purifier

Choosing the right product is also the best way to preserve the machine. If you choose a product with a smaller capacity than the demand, it will lead to the situation in which the air filter will need more time and consume more power to work.

Besides, using intensity and large capacity continuously will also reduce the life of the machine.

Therefore, when deciding to give your family an air purifier, please contact the customer service department of the supplier directly when consulting with the product.

Clean the air purifier regularly

store an air purifier

One reason for the ineffective operation is that the air filter unit is not working properly. Therefore, we recommend that you clean the filter regularly (usually once a month).

Suitable location of the air purifier

location of the air purifier

The location of the device must be in a dry and well-ventilated place, which makes the device susceptible to water splashes, or even electric shock, which is dangerous for users and, at the same time, reduce the duration of your machine.

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Use the features on the device to suit each condition

In a product of air purifier, especially the products of Hitachi air purifier or Panasonic air purifier, there are many modes for users to choose.  But if your family is not in a harsh natural environment, or should leave the machine running in Auto mode and regularly keep the odor sensor and dust sensor working best. 

store air purifier

Enhancing features such as Turbo should not be used often, but should only be used when you feel the air around you is much more polluted than usual to save power and help the machine not to overload for a long time.

The reasons for air filter maintenance and clean regularly

The dirt filter can affect the health of the whole family 

“The lungs of the family” is the air filter because it helps purify the air, keeping bacteria, dirt and pollen from giving you and your family a clean, clean space. When using the air conditioner for a long time, this filter is adhered to a lot of dirt, weakening the ability to filter the air.

air filter maintenance

At this time, the air filter membrane becomes a “residence” for bacteria, which can cause allergies or pathogens that endanger the health of the respiratory tract of your whole family, especially greatly affecting people, especially the elders and young children.

Affect the cooling capacity of the air purifier

Air purifier reduces 1% of its capacity due to dirt adhering to each week of operation. So the longer you use it, the thicker the dust accumulates, the more the it gets impaired, the more electricity it consumes.

air filter maintenance


Reduce the life of your air filter

When dirt is stuck on the machine to operate at full capacity, the air conditioner will quickly be damaged after long usage time. The indoor air conditioner is also affected by dust, cannot heat well, and is overloaded, causing the air conditioner to be automatically disconnected. At this time, you have to spend a lot of money to repair or replace it just because of the obnoxious dirt.

air filter maintenance

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Guide to clean air purifier properly

Important to know before cleaning air purifier

The suitable cleaning time for air purifier ?

  • For households: 3-4 months / time if air purifier is opened all day, or about 6 months / time if machine uses 6-8 hours / day.

  • For companies and restaurants: about 3 months / time, or about 1-2 months / time if the working environment is dusty.

  • With factory production: need to clean 1 month / time because air filter here must operate 24/24 to serve the job.


–  Make sure that, before you start cleaning, the power is turned off.

clean air purifier

– When cleaning, except for coarse filters, water filters or glass filters can be cleaned with water, and other types of filters should not be cleaned with water because the membrane may be contaminated with water. Electricity and electric shock when operating.

– Care should be taken to clean the filter carefully, as this is a part with many difficult-to-clean locations, especially narrow slots. You can combine with a soft cloth wipe with a mini handheld vacuum cleaner to suck faster.

clean air purifier

–  Only soft towels should be used, combined with warm water to clean the machine, absolutely do not use detergents or volatile liquids to clean the machine because they can cause corrosion and damage the machine.

– Should clean the air purifier about 1 time/month. For areas with a high level of environmental pollution, the air purifier should be cleaned twice a month.

–  Find out what type of filter the unit uses, and determine the time it takes to replace the filter for your home air purifier. Include:

clean air purifier
  • Raw filter: No need to change
  • Activated carbon filter: Age 2-3 years.
  • Pollen filter: Age 6-12 months.
  • Water filter: Age 2 years.
  • HEPA filter: Age 3-10 years.

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The easiest steps to clean air purifier properly

Proper cleaning of the air purifier will contribute to the increased efficiency and longevity of the air purifier. Most air purifiers have a fairly simple structure, so the way to clean the air purifier below can be applied to the majority of air purifiers on the market today.

clean air purifier

Step 1:

Turn off the power supply and proceed to remove and then remove the parts of the air purifier, including the air filters.

Step 2:

Classify the parts into 2 groups, including those that can use water for cleaning (coarse filters, glass filters or water filters) and those that cannot use water, only use soft towels, feather brushes and mini vacuums (remaining parts).

clean air purifier

Step 3:

Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the case, especially the air inlets: the air coming in and the fan blades coming out.

Step 4:

Use clean water to clean the parts such as filter membrane water filter or glass filter.

clean air purifier

Step 5:

Use a small vacuum cleaner, bristle,… to clean carbon filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter

clean air purifier

Step 6:

Clean the sensor: Use a cotton swab to remove the dirt on the sensor to help the device work properly.

Step 7:

Bring the parts to a dry place for about 15 to 20 minutes and then reassemble.

Step 8:

Correctly disassemble and disengage the filter elements. You can refer to the instruction manual of the device. This device can also sometimes be helpful in repairing home air cleaners when needed.

Depending on some models, after installing the device, you can restart the machine by pressing and holding the “Reset” button for about 3 seconds on the control panel to start the sensor from the beginning and program the mode.

clean air purifier

To ensure the durability of the air purifier, when there is no need to use, you also need to store and store the machine properly.

Specifically, if you want to preserve the air purifier well, before that, you need to clean the machine and then wrap plastic, put in a box, store in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight from the sun.

In particular, please do not leave the device in humid or high humidity places, because in the long term, it will affect the components of the machine, causing damage.


clean air purifier

Above are the most effective and simple steps to clean the air purifier that we have collected. Hopefully, it will contribute to increase the efficiency of air purification and increase the life of air purifiers for your family.

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