How To Install A Water Filter Step By Step At Home

How to install the water filter properly? Water filters are an essential device for all our families as clean water is becoming increasingly scarce, and water is increasingly polluted instead. To ensure hygiene and safety, when buying a water filter, you need to install a water filter yourself to protect the health of the whole family.  Let’s figure out !

how to install a water filter


Hazards when using the filter beyond the prescribed time

  • Water quality is not guaranteed:

The filter core has expired; it will no longer be able to filter impurities in the water. Old contaminants that are stored on the surface of the filter core will continue to flow into the outlet water, resulting in unsafe drinking water, even dirtier than the standard input water.

  • Slow flowing water: 

Long-standing impurities cause clogging, do not provide enough water for daily life.

  • Reduce the life of the machine: 

Each type of different water filter core will have a certain lifespan. If the No. 1, No. 2 water filter cores come and do not replace them, it will always put pressure on the back cores, causing them to work more so that the life of the RO filter, the functional base, and the Electrical components are also significantly reduced.

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Install a water filter: Tools need to be prepared (11 tools)

Before starting to install the water filter, you need to adjust the following equipment for the installation steps to proceed smoothly and perfectly:

how to install a water filter
  • Wrench
  • Water supply hose
  • Pressure tank
  • Water lines
  • RO membrane
  • Water lock valve
  • Bandage
  • Pliers
  • Drag
  • Knife
  • Screwdrivers

Choose where to install the water filter

Water filters are devices used in our daily life. To save time, costs and effort, we must choose the most convenient location to install water filters. So the water filter is arranged in any position in the family, it is considered the most beautiful and comfortable.

how to install a water filter

The best place to install a water filter is in the kitchen, which is both clean and used for cooking and drinking. You can choose to install it on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet to save money.

  • If you want your kitchen to be more luxurious, more beautiful, outsiders look like. You should buy a stainless steel box outside to preserve the water filter from grease, insects, To decorate your kitchen, become more luxurious and aesthetic.
  • Secondly, when installing a water filter, you should choose the location closest to the outlet, near the water inlet, and facilitate the wastewater to go out.
  • Thirdly, it is advisable to install a water filter away from the place where direct light shines on or near a stove, corrosive objects. By installing such a water filter will affect the capacity, quality as well as Reduce the working life of the screen.

Choose places that can leave the water filter long, easy to maintain, and repair. The machine operates most efficiently when the water source is equal to or lower than the water filter maximum 3m.

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How to install water filters in 14 steps

After you have chosen your family for the best water filter, the installation step is essential. If installed correctly will save you time, reduce costs, and it is essential to help the machine work well and persist over time.

Depending on the type of machine, you choose how many cores to be flexible when installing offline! Heres how to install the water filter step by step

Step 1: Install the valve to lock the water source, wrap the melt tape around the valve 8 – 10 rounds, install the locking valve. Then, invest in the pipe on the wall, use the wrench tightly.

Step 2: Install a water supply line for water filter, tighten wrench.

how to install a water filter

Step 3: Insert the water supply cord into the container

Step 4: Insert teeth and gooseneck into the specified position on the cabinet surface of the water filter. Then, insert the teeth and nut into the gooseneck, use a tightening wrench.

Step 5: Insert the end of the water supply cord into the gooseneck. Attention must attach enough accessories, fix the nut by wrench.

Step 6: Remove the lid of the filter cup, insert the Ro core into the filter cup. Note: the shorter head has rubber first, then press hard.

how to install a water filter

Step 7: Route the devices power cord outwards

Step 8: Pass the wastewater line into the outlet of the drain valve, thread the remaining wastewater outlet to the outside.

Step 9: Lift the filter element onto the stand base

Step 10: Connect the water from the gooseneck to the filter core

Step 11: Install the water supply line for the filter core

Step 12: Wrap the thaw and install the container locking valve and tighten it tightly. Then proceed to put the container into the water filter cabinet and fix the water line leading from the filter core into the box.

how to install a water filter

Step 13: Take the filter out, filter the nylon layer of the primary screen 1,2,3,… It would be best if you remembered to remove the plastic bags carefully, otherwise it will affect the filtration performance. Of the machine, plastic bags for a long time will lead to unsanitary and jeopardize your health offline!

Then, install the filter elements from right to left one by one in a counter-clockwise direction, tightening with your fingers. Next, proceed to fix the filters to the holder, helping you to use them for a long time and not to be inflated during use.

Step 14: Finally, we open the valve to lock the water supply to the filter and plug in the power supply to the water filter.

So we have completed the steps to install the water filter.

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Notes on how to install a water filter

  • During the first use, you should continuously discharge about 50 liters first until the water is clear, you proceed to open the pressure valve of the tank. It has the effect of cleaning the water pipes, while cleaning the activated carbon. Help the water filtered out to ensure safety, as well as the purity of the water.
  • Every month, it is advisable to check the filters and replace new ones as needed depending on the capacity and frequency of using your familys water filter.
how to install a water filter

  • Please do not connect to the hot water source; make sure the input water is clean so that when the filter is finished, it is safer for consumers.
  • When installing the RO membrane, you should use medical gloves, avoiding direct contact with the hand on the layer, because it will be very unhygienic, bacteria can multiply there.
  • Do not arbitrarily disassemble or change the location of components
  • Need to regularly clean. All fittings must be tightly wrapped and never turned around to avoid leaking with just the simple steps to install right at home for you.

With the detailed instructions above, AXIOS REVIEW hope that you will be able to know how to install your water filter at home .

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