How Long Does Water Heater Last? Complete Guide For Using Water Heater

How Long Does Water Heater Last on Average? – Like other electrical equipment, the water heater has a certain use time. After that time, there will likely be unexpected incidents.

Water heater is an indispensable item in every family today. Like other electrical appliances, the water heater has a certain shelf life. After a while, there may be incidents and failures that the user should pay attention to avoid dangerous during use.

How Long Does Water Heater Last on Average ? Through 5 signs

Currently, on the market, there are many product lines from different brands. Depending on the quality, they have a different shelf life, about 7-10 years. However, the shelf life is often short in the products of the old generation.

To identify a hot and cold water bottle has expired, you can identify the question “How Long Does Water Heater Last on Average” by the following signs:

The burning bar is burnt or broken – The burning bar is scaled.

How Long Does Water Heater Last on Average

The combustion bar, also known as the heating rod, is a very important part of the structure of a heater, the main effect is heating the water. For hard water conditions in Vietnam, with ordinary types of burning rods, without a long-term protection layer, it will be scaled down, reducing the heating efficiency, leading to a long heating time, causing discomfort, and losing time when waiting for hot water.

The tank cover is rusty, punctured – Water heater leaks

How Long Does Water Heater Last on Average

The water heater is a water storage device, so in high humidity conditions, ordinary metal tank shells or welds are very susceptible to corrosion, rust causes puncturing, and water leakage is dangerous in the condition of electricity.

To remedy this situation, manufacturers have put on the rod parts protection magnesium. But if after a period of use is not replaced promptly, it also leads to the above phenomenon.

The capacity of the tank is not sufficient for use.

This is also a factor that households should consider replacing a small capacity heater because using a bottle with insufficient capacity will need to be repeatedly turned on, causing power consumption and additional waiting time. Waiting can also lead to an overload.

This is often the case in households with few members before, or the need to use hot water needs to be used for other jobs, etc.

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Old types of water heater often waste electricity.

The average heater is an electrical device that consumes electricity for households, which leads to monthly electricity bills, especially on the winter-autumn and winter-winter delivery days. This happens a lot in older generation hot and cold water bottles that havent been improved to save electricity.

To overcome this, why not choose the new generation pots that are able to save electricity, have just improved on functionality and have a more beautiful design for the family bathroom.

Choose the type of water heater for long-term use

Currently, the market for hot and cold water bottles is very diverse. The most outstanding is the Ferroli brand of hot and cold water heater, a product line that has been selected and trusted by consumers for many years by its outstanding features such as power saving, long-term warranty, modern design, beautiful appearance, limiting malfunction. The warranty period for the latest product lines is up to 8 years.

How Long Does Water Heater Last

Ferroli for bathroom space

Ferroli water heaters are made on the current popular capacities including 15L Ferroli water heater, 20L Ferroli water heater, 30L Ferroli water heater, direct and hot water dispenser of 50 – 200 liters for all use needs

Water heater maintenance

Maintenance of water heater is an important job not only to ensure the life of the machine increases but also to ensure the lives of family members. Many people still think, rarely use, so the number of maintenance is not necessary often. Is that view really accurate?

Understand principle of operation of the heater

How Long Does Water Heater Last

Structure of a heater

Inside the dispenser is a magnesium bar that collects calcium deposits against corrosion. When water is hot, the magnesium bar collects oxygen ions and sediment, do not allow deposits to stick to the inside of the kettle and the wall of the jar.

Without this magnesium bar, ions will react with the metal in the iron (Fe) to risk corrosive shell. It is also from this principle of operation that when maintaining and cleaning the heater, if necessary, the new magnesium bar should be replaced for a better heater

Why must sanitary maintenance for water heater ?

Hygiene and maintenance of hot and cold water heater will help your family avoid the situation of using dirty water, causing power consumption and ensuring safety when using.

Over a long time of use, the heater will cling to a layer of dirty calcium deposits caused by calcium and impurities in the water that form, this layer of residue attached to the incinerator reduces the ability to make The heater of the kettle causes power consumption.

Even without regular maintenance and maintenance of the heater, it makes the heater and heater experience trouble that is difficult to treat, such as: leaking the jar, running water, bad heater, long heater, electric leakage, short-circuiting.

Especially in areas where contaminated alum water is used, or there are many impurities, users need to regularly maintain and clean the dispenser to keep it clean, to avoid contaminating the water you use.

How Long Does Water Heater Last

  • The burning bar should be cleaned or replaced.

Usually, families often use the heater in the cold season, in the summer, the machine “rest” should generate psychology without hygiene and maintenance because it is not used. But this is a completely wrong perspective. As mentioned above, long-term water in the bottle will leave deposits that directly affect the operation and life of the machine.

Not to mention, the average heater is often installed in the bathroom, where there is high humidity, steam rising a lot. As an electrical device, hydrophobia is completely understandable. It is possible that in the process of using, the condensed steam in some components causes electric leakage, electrical contamination, etc. that is very dangerous for users. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of hot and cold water heater helps to detect and repair errors in the time of the machine.

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How often will the water heater be maintained?

The amount of time for maintenance depends on the amount of water used in the jar in areas of alum-rich water or sources of sediment. For example, well water, you need to clean the heater more often. It is recommended to replace the magnesium bar once a year, depending on the quality of the water.

Maintenance of hot and cold water heater is a regular work for one or two years, depending on the quality of water resources in each region. If your home uses a small heater, after 1-2 years, you have to maintain the heater. If you use the dispenser much, every day like at a hotel, motel, or agency, you should regularly use it. It is best to regularly maintain the heater and periodically remove the residue from the bottom of the bottle about every 6 months to 1 year.

When you need to maintain and clean your water heater

If the dispenser is still working properly, you can perform periodic cleaning according to the information provided above. But it is not always certain that this will happen. In fact, in the process of using the machine may have problems sooner than you need to check.

maintain and clean your water heater


  • Hot and cold water heater

  • Hot and cold water heater, slow hot, long hot

  • The dispenser is exposed

  • Hot and cold water heater

  • The heater is not hot enough

  • The dispenser is on fire

  • Hot and cold explosion

  • The heater has no power, no electricity

  • The heater does not adjust the temperature

  • Hot and cold water heater does not disconnect when it is hot enough.

When encountering the above cases or other unusual cases, you should check the machine for immediate maintenance. However, you should also note, if not experienced, do not arbitrarily repair, please contact a team of skilled workers, professionals to ensure safety for family members.

Regular cleaning increases the life of the water heaters

To increase the longevity of the product, the way of hygiene, storage is also worth attention. Let us find out through the following article!

water heaters

Air energy water heaters are increasingly gaining the trust of the majority of customers due to the convenience of the products. Users can use cold, hot water directly without having to use electrical appliances, refrigerators, or thermos anymore.

On the market, there are many types of electric water heaters, with prices ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 million VND. However, the main products are still made by domestic or Chinese firms.

The use of these machines is also simple and quite safe because the machines have valves to lock hot water, causing no burns. However, for long-term use, increase the operational life. It is recommended to periodically clean, check the machine in each careful step and each part including excess water tray, gene ring over the top of the lid, cold and hot water tank.

How to clean water heater in general today

  • To ensure safety, before cleaning the device, unplug the device from the power source, put the water bottle face down on the machine. If transported to the place of the warranty, it will be very light, shockproof, overflowing inside.

  • Drain all water inside the heater, disassemble each part to clean the most. Use a special cleaning brush to clean the chemical lime deposits in small crevices in the water tank, two hoses, and then reinstall them in their original positions. Do not use sharp objects to depend.

  • Use clean water to rinse many times hot, cold tubs, help seal the mouth of the machine.

  • The outer shell body should also be cleaned regularly, should not use gasoline, chemicals, or some solvents. because these substances will damage the surface of the device or fall, renders it in drinking water, not suitable for users. use

  • Finally, attach the discharge tray to the machine and transport it to the original position. Do not plug-in power immediately, but let it stabilize for a short time because the inside of the machine has a refrigerator-like cooling system that is prone to shock after shipment immediately.

Above is the answer to the question of How Long Does Water Heater Last on Average ? Hopefully, AxiosReviews will help you use and maintain the water heater in the best way.

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