Review Best Water Purifier Brands: Karofi, Kangaroo, A. O. Smith, Geyser, Coway

You are wondering whether to choose the best water purifier between a series of brands such as Karofi, Kangaroo, A.O. Smith, Geyser, Coway? Where to buy a good water purifier ? AXIOS REVIEW will help you answer all your questions and provide you with the experience to choose the most affordable, quality home water purifier product.

Best Water Purifier Brands

Clean water has a crucial role in life and people. AXIOS REVIEW is faced with the situation of heavily polluted water today. Every day we have to charge the water containing toxic impurities, heavy metals.

The incidence of severe illnesses and the number of deaths due to cancer soared, and many families had to save themselves by looking for water purification products. 

Let’s fingure out: 

Current state of your water source

Before buying the filter, you need to know your water is using tap water, clean water from water plants, tap water, borehole water, rainwater. And what is the current state of the water?

Best Water Purifier Brands

To identify water pollution, there will be some characteristics for you to distinguish with the naked eye. As for arsenic and water contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, viruses, and bacteria, it is imperative to go to an unidentifiable analysis.

Current water testing addresses such as: Chemical Institute of Vietnam Science and Technology Institute, Geological Institute, General Department of Metrology, Ministry of Health Accreditation Institute, Institute of Labor Medicine and Environmental Hygiene, or a few other private addresses. The price depends on the criteria that users want to test.

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  • Well water: 

There are currently very few types of filters that can meet the quality of the output water as well as the life of the filter. It depends on the level of heavy or light water pollution. Many families have installed a filter to get water samples tested for qualified water. But maybe only the next day, a week later or a month later, the water quality has changed because the filter core is not eligible to meet the contamination of well water. 

The only treatment is that you have to roughen the water before putting it into the filter by building a multi-storey filter tank, including black sand, yellow sand, activated carbon, then depositing and then going through a water filter to drink. Although expensive, in return, you will have guaranteed water to use. If your family does not have conditions to build a filter tank, you can use rainwater to filter.

  • Tap water, clean water from a water plant: 

(usually has a total solids content of water dissolved in water below 250 parts per million) can use any water filter, including R / O and Nano. As for other water sources, it is recommended to choose filters based on R / O technology or install functional filters to enhance bactericidal for domestic water sources.

What kind of water purifiers ?

There are two popular types of water purifiers on the market, RO water purifier technology and Nano water purifier. In particular, the Nano water purifier is a modern machine. However, the input water must be immaculate. Therefore this machine is not accessible in the country.

RO water purifier technology

RO technology is osmotic technology, and all use membrane filters and filters to filter water. RO filtration requires electricity and produces a lot of wastewater, while nanofiltration does not require electricity nor produces wastewater.

RO water purifier technology

Should you choose Ro or Nano water purifier?

  • Advantages of RO water purifier: 

It produces clean, pure water products without impurities. However, because it is spotless, only H20 remains in water. With RO filter sized 0.001 micrometers, the outlet water of the RO water filter is like distilled water and does not contain any impurities.

For the current RO series, there are many RO filters: RO Filmtex of Kangaroo, Sunhouse, and RO Aqalast of Karofi. However, Karofis RO AQUALAST ™ 1812 filter is more outstanding in its ability to handle diverse water sources and water quality up to QCVN6-1 / 2010 Ministry of Health Te.

That is why RO water purifiers are widely used in health. For example, dialysis machines always come with the RO water filtration system to ensure the water used is entirely pure. The capacity of RO filters in industry and health careers is, of course, much larger than that of household filters.

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  • Disadvantages of RO water purifier: 

RO water purifier produces clean, excessive clean products, so it filters all minerals that are good for health. So many water purifier products have added mineral filters after the RO filter to create minerals, supplement oxygen, and trace elements for the body. So this drawback you can overcome when using the type of water filter 7, 8, 9 core offline.

RO water purifier technology

Nano water purifier

  • Advantages of Nano water purifier: 

The machine does not use electricity nor wastewater, so it is convenient to install anywhere. For the current Nano, there are many nanotechnology. Aragon of Geyser, USVR-AquaVallis of Sunny-Eco, and some other Nano cores of Nano Sky and OhiDo, among these technologies, are Aragon and USVR-AquaVallis. However, Aragon is more outstanding in ability, persistent and bactericidal.

  • Disadvantages of Nano water purifier : 

The weakness of this series is that it requires a relatively clean input water quality. If the water contaminated with alum, ammonium, arsenic confirmed to be unfiltered. Or, if you use it, you can return home one day two without using the device. So this product is only suitable when the product is not mixed with heavy metals, or it will be hazardous.

I recommend that if you are not sure of the quality of the input water, you should choose a RO water purifier that is safer. With some sharing, you must have the answer for yourself what kind of water filter is right and should choose RO or Nano water purifier.

Review water purifier brands: Kangaroo, Karofi, A.O. Smith, Geyser, Coway?

In the water purifier market today, RO water purifier products account for the majority of market share. And that is also the reason you should buy the RO water purifier product line. Because if the machine fails, later problems, you can also easily replace components. RO water purifier is the best water purifier currently on the market. Not only by technology, but the price of RO water purifier is also very affordable.

Currently, 2 Kangaroo and Karofi water purifiers are the two most popular brands. However, Karofi holds the most market share because it is towards the most convenient intelligence for users.

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Karofi water purifier

Karofi, kangaroo, or Sharp water filters are the most sought-after names in the Vietnamese market with RO membrane technology that eliminates harmful impurities in the water and replaces the necessary minerals. Add water after filtration.

Karofi water purifier

Karofi uses the RO Filmtec filter membrane imported directly from DOW USA with 7, 8, 9 core system. The coarse and fine filter elements from 1 to 4 core are capable of removing 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, chemicals, impurities, pesticides, heavy metals for pure water up to water standards. Drink directly from the Ministry of Health, the water quality is equivalent to bottled water, and do not need to boil.

The cores 6, 7, 8, 9 have the function of creating a sweet, delicious taste for water, adding natural stone minerals, neutralizing residual acid, anti-oxidation, far infrared core, nanosilver core depending on user needs.

Kangaroo water purifier

Kangaroo water purifier has long been famous for RO 5 water purifier products with a neat design that quickly moves it to suit any space from office, school, or home.

Kangaroo water purifier

Besides, some Kangaroo water purifier products have the function of creating hot and cold water for you as an option. Ultra-durable LG Block Cooling technology provides fast and deep cooling to save you time.

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Geyser water purifier

Nano geyser water purifier comes from a famous Russian brand. It is trusted by many users in Vietnam thanks to the most advanced water filtration technology, and the water can be filtered entirely out after being used. Bacteria in water, such as arsenic, amoeba, ammonium, ecoli, chlorine gas, intestinal bacteria, bacterial spores.

Geyser water purifier

The main advantages of geysers are direct drinking water without electricity, no wastewater, this will help you use safely and save power even when there is no electricity. Now, geyser has some products sold best run like nano geyser ecotar 4, nano water purifier geyser tk8.

Coway water purifier

Compared to RO water purifiers, Coway is highly appreciated for its unobtrusive design and Korean water filtration technology.

Coway water purifier

Advanced RO water purification technology with a 6-step filtration system with 3 to 5 filters eliminates virtually all microorganisms and mosses. Coway also has a built-in touch screen with many slang and cold water filters, often offering an excellent experience for you.

Aosmith water purifier

Aosmith water purifier is manufactured in the US using UV filter technology with ultraviolet rays to help eliminate and eliminate bacteria with UV Sterilizer technology in the bottle to ensure the water is always in the purest conditions.

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Aosmith water purifier



Hopefully, this article will share your experiences and reviews on these types of water purifiers that can help you make better decisions in choosing the best water purifier for 2020. If you need any more advice, please leave a question below, and Axiosreview will help you immediately.

Instead of the habit of choosing to buy from traditional stores, you can change to buy in the form of online because they ensure more natural origin but the same warranty as the conventional stores. The advantage is that its price is much more affordable due to the cost of renting space and staff.

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