Best Countertop Water Filters Reviews Can’t Be Missed !

Have you decided to give up bottled water and make the most of the tap water youre consuming with the best countertop water filters to fit your needs? Or are you replacing your old water filter with a brand new model?

There are reasons that you may choose to stick to tap water and not spend your hard-earned money on plastic bottles. Additionally, the price tag of a whole house water filter or reverse osmosis system might overwhelm your budget. 

best countertop water filters

With so many water filter systems on the market at different prices and with different characteristics, choosing the right one requires planning. AXIOS REVIEW filtered through the options and reviewed the top-rated countertop water filters on the market as well as one you may want to avoid. And now for the reviews of the nine best countertop water filters plus the worst one to avoid. 

Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews 2020

APEC Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Coming in at number one, APEC Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System. If you’d prefer a reverse osmosis system, but you don’t have enough space to install one under the counter, this APEC countertop water filter should do the trick. 

APEC countertop water filter
  • It’s compact portable, and easy to set up. You have to hook it up and start using it. It uses a four-stage purification system, works at water pressures between 40 and 80 psi. Ultra-pure system provides refreshing crisp tastes superior to bottled water and has a filtering capacity of up to 90 gallons per day. 
  • It removes 99% of contaminants from chlorine to arsenic, lead, chromium, and fluoride. All its filters bear the NSF mark and are made in the US. The only weakness would be that the system does not have an alkaline filter. But its four-stage filter can be replaced with one. 
  • The filters don’t need frequent replacing, and the manufacturer recommends replacing stage 1 and stage 2 filters annually and the step 3 and 4 filters every three to five years. Replacement parts are widely available, and customer service is very responsive. 

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Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

Coming in at number two, Big Berkey BK4x2 Countertop Water Filter System.

  • This is one of the few countertop water filters on the market that are safe to use with any water source, including wall untreated ones. Its perfect for large families and shared spaces due to its impressive capacity. 
Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System
  • It holds 2.25 water gallons. It has stainless steel housing and includes two filters and two fluoride elements. Each filter can process 3000 gallons, so replacements are necessary only after 6,000 gallons. The unit can accommodate up to four filters of each type. The fluoride filters attach requirements to the primary filters hanging in the Lower chamber and acting as post-filters. They can process 1000 gallons each and will remove up to 95% of fluoride. 
  • This system eliminates pathogens, cysts, parasites, and removes pesticides, herbicides, volatile, organic compounds solvents, nitrates, lead, mercury, and other harmful chemicals. With four filters installed, it can purify up to seven gallons of water per hour. 

The only problem with this filter seems to be that the reservoir needs cleaning every two weeks or monthly depending on how heavily its used to avoid stale water and residue build-up other. It should work great and fit most needs and expectations.


New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System

Coming in at number three, New Wave Enviro 10 stage Water Filter system.

  • Three times cheaper and more compact in its predecessor, new wave enviro is another attractive option for your home. Its easy to connect to the faucet. It looks great on the countertop, and it fits under any sink.
  • This type of installation requires a conversion kit. Its 10 stage filters efficiently and effectively removes contaminants ensuring levels below the ones accepted by EPA. Besides magnesium, chloride, potassium, and fluorides, it also filters out trihalomethanes, hydrogen sulfide, herbicides, pesticides, PCBs, heavy metals, and especially dangerous microorganisms. 
New Wave Enviro 10 stage Water Filter system

  • The manufacturer recommends replacing the filter every 1,500 gallons approximately once a year for a family of four. All materials have an and or gold seal Association certified and our bacteriostatic. 

The only weakness this water filter has a lack of alkaline water filtered. However, its low price at certifications and its excellent user feedback should definitely compensate for that and make it a safe, worthy acquisition. 

Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter Alkaline

Coming in at number four, Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter Alkaline.

  • Mid-priced, compact, and stylish, this countertop water filter promises to remove chlorine, heavy metals, and microorganisms from tap water and healthy minerals to it.

  • Calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium, it has a transparent casing and reveals the filtering layers are ensuring an attractive, stylish look that matches any decor.
Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter Alkaline
  • Besides removing harmful components and adding beneficial ones, it also balances water pH. To accomplish all this and uses a five-stage filter. The first stage removes chloramines and heavy metals and uses KDF 85 to control microorganisms. The second and fourth stage removes chlorine and odors. The third stage removes impurities and adds minerals, and the fifth stage uses calcite to neutralize water and increase its alkalinity. 
  • The entire system is made in the US, and it holds an NSF certification for both components and media. The filter needs replacing every 750 gallons, but replacements are affordable and easy to find. Unfortunately, it does not remove fluoride, and it is not possible to install a separate filter for this function. 

However, many other filters do not, and judging by the Apex price in excellent ratings; this inconvenience should be easy to live with.

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Aquasana Countertop Drinking Water Filter System

Coming in at number five, Aquasana Countertop Drinking Water Filter System. The most affordable water filter system so far: 

  • Aquasana, is compact and easy to install as well. It has a modern design that lets it match any interior decor. 
  • Health magazine included it in its list of healthiest gadgets in 2011. The system ensures a flow rate of 0.4 GPM, which makes it an excellent choice for condos apartments and vacation homes.
  • AQ – 400b uses the twin cartridge filtration system and relies on the three-stage clorium filtration technology that combines carbon filtration with ion exchange and micron filtration. 
Aquasana Countertop Drinking Water Filter System

  • It holds NSF certification for its ability to filter no less than 60 contaminants, including chlorine, mercury, lead, cryptosporidium. Unfortunately, just like most products in this price range, it does not include fluoride and alkaline filters. And there doesnt seem to be a way to add any of them.
  • The filter cartridge needs replacing every 450 gallons or six months, but the low price of this replacement and all its features presented above make it worth the trouble.

Buyer’s Guide for Countertop Water Filters

Caution: Basily Countertop Water Purifier Basily 12 Stage Purification Process

And now for the countertop water filter to avoid, Basily Countertop Water Purifier Basily 12 Stage Purification Process

It isnt easy to believe that an affordable compact and stylish countertop water filter like this one can disappoint buyers. Yes, it is happening. At first sight, you have a great product 12 stage filter able to remove most contaminants, balance the water pH, improved taste and odor five replacements for the sediment filters, 1500 gallons of lifespan for each filter cartridge, etc. 

Countertop Water Filter to avoid

In practice, though, the filter was a huge disappointment for many buyers. The filter layer seemed to be mixed, and the water obtained tastes and smells terrible, and the system is cheaply poorly built.

It makes sense when you take into account the lack of certifications, the lack of fluoride and alkaline filters, and even the misleading presentation. 

Focusing more on potential benefits than on actual product features, why risk your hard-earned money on doubtful products like this one when you have similarly liked the price but much better-rated alternatives like some of the ones presented in this review. Of course, the final decision is all yours.

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For final thoughts on finding the best countertop water filter , choosing the right filter for your home may seem overwhelming, with so many types and models available. However, in the end, it all comes down to assessing your needs and identifying the system that meets them. 

You already know what factors to consider what to expect from each type of water filter system in which brands are more reliable and which water filter models have the best qualities and highest user ratings. Do the math follow your instincts and choose the system that promises to meet all your needs and expectations. 

To make sure you enjoy it for as long as possible, dont forget to read its user manual and follow the manufacturers use and maintenance instructions to the letter. You can also save money time and effort by not having to buy and carry water bottles from the supermarket all the time. 

At the same time, youll need to protect the environment and yourself by not contributing to the millions of water bottles ending up in landfills and by not encouraging the waste of valuable resources on plastic bottle production.

To enjoy all these benefits, such as the improved quality of water available to make your favorite food or drinks healthier and better tasting, you need the best countertop water filter in your kitchen. 

Since there are hundreds of models on the market, its essential to learn more about the differences between various types of water filters their main features and installation and maintenance requirements before making a purchase.

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