Why should you use shower filters? 3 best shower filters for you

If you are feeling your skin becomes rough, itchy, split ends, etc., these are the side effects of the ingredients of Chlorine and Chloramines from the tap water you are using every day. Therefore, to overcome this problem, experts have proposed a quick remedy is to use shower filters to treat tap water just before contact with the skin. So, what is a shower filter ? What types are there? Which are the best shower filters for you ? Let’s find out through the following short article !

What is the shower filter ? How do they work?

What is the shower filter

Water filters are popularly designed separate devices that are installed in showerheads, faucets, etc., for a variety of treatment purposes. In addition to common purposes such as removing chlorine/Chloramines from tap water, alum filter, increase water pressure, etc., some modern filters also provide more Vitamin C to the skin.

Typically, filters are designed for many different size shapes and can be removed easily when needed. When the water flows through the filter components such as chlorine, sediment, sulfur smell, etc., will be retained, helping to prevent dry skin and damaged hair (especially dyed hair).

Why use a shower filter ?

Why use a shower filter

Like other appliances, the shower has its problems. Some issues related to the shower can be mentioned as: water leakage, weak water spray, rust formation, dirty plaque in the shower bowl area, etc.

If you see in the tiny holes in the lotus bowl with reddish-brown plaque, the water source contains heavy metals.

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In cities, most people use tap water. This water has been treated and filtered almost all impurities and bacteria. However, in order to carry out this treatment process, water plants must always add chlorine to the pipeline to keep bacteria from living and growing inside causing water pollution. Therefore, the outlet water always contains fluorine or chlorine and other detergents. You may notice that tap water sometimes has a strong odor due to these substances.

Excessive amounts of this water treatment in tap water also has an adverse effect on users health. If you use warm water when bathing, the pores will be larger, the chlorine will be easily absorbed into the body. If the chlorine content in tap water is higher than the standard (greater than 0.5mg / liter), it is very likely to cause poisoning, especially dangerous for people with weak resistance such as children.

It is for this reason that shower filters appear. The main purpose is to remove the excess impurities in the water to the shower. This helps the user to be protected from those bad actors.

Types of shower filters 

Types of shower filters

Shower filter that chlorinates and supplies Vitamin C

This is a new type of shower filter that appeared on the market. In addition to eliminating 99.9% of Chlorine and Chloramine ingredients in tap water for bathing and living, this product is superior to other products thanks to the special feature of adding soluble Vitamin C to the skin. Besides, the water flow through the filter does not reduce the pressure and save up to 50% of the water when bathing.

Nano booster filter

Helps water flow stronger and farther than normal faucet, thereby saving water and massage your body when you shower. Inside the filter with nanoparticles installed in the handheld part is often introduced to retain impurities, kill bacteria, prevent skin cancer, etc.

Chlorine removal filter

These filters are designed from simple (raw filtration materials) to modern (applying advanced technology) with the sole purpose of removing chlorine residues in the water.

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3 best shower filters reviewed

Sonaki shower filter 

Sonaki shower filter


Sonaki shower filter removes harmful impurities and takes care of your body in the shower.

Modern technology today has invented many tools to support human needs. When showering, too, the shower has a lot of built-in utilities. The Sonaki shower filter removes impurities and bacteria that make the water soft and safe for users.

The product will filter out harmful bacteria that cannot be seen by the naked eye and residues in water. In addition, the hose has anti-bacterial ability, is not affected by pollutants thanks to the lime filter, so it is extremely good anti-bacterial. As a result, bacteria are also inhibited in the filter. Daily use can remove residual chlorine, heavy metals, alum iron and other impurities.

Material from plastic PP is highly mechanical, quite hard, not flexible, inelastic, transparent, has a high surface gloss. This material is odorless, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic. It can withstand temperatures higher than 100oC and waterproof steam, grease, and other gases.

Berkey shower filter

Berkey shower filter

The Berkey shower filter comes from the same company that makes the Berkey countertop water filters which are very popular.

​This filter is made of calcium, copper, and zinc. It reduces up to 95% of harmful impurities such as chlorine, fluorine, bacteria, and iron oxide (rust). And it can operate with both cold and hot water.

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Its easy to install and replace the Berkey filter. Another advantage, though, is the long filter life. Berkey also gives you a backflow attachment that you can use to flush out the filter if it gets a buildup of sediment.

Mitsubishi cleansui 301 shower filter 

Mitsubishi cleansui 301 shower filter

Skin and hair are always the top attention of women.

Currently, the water is heavily contaminated with chlorine, which damages these two issues, special 301 shower filters have built-in filters in the shower, so it will make sure the outlet water is always clean and pure, good for body and health of users.

This shower filter from the Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui brand is integrated with 296 small holes, ensuring the water source when you use is always strong and effective. In particular, the filter in the machine will clean and reduce 50% of residual chlorine in water.

In addition, the shower filter has 2 modes: normal water mode and convenient water filter mode when you do not want to use it. The product is easy to install thanks to the connection kit compatible with the most common filter today.

Above are some information about shower filters and three best shower filters . Axiosreview hope that you can choose a suitable shower filter for you and your family.

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