[Review] Berkey Water Filter : Pros and cons (new hot 2020)

Today, Im going to tell all of you about our Berkey water filter , such as why we like it, some of the things we dont like about it. Its kind of a review combined with pros and cons to help you decide if its the right filter for your family. 

So AXIOS REVIEW saw much first Berkey a very long time ago when I was a little kid at some friends house. They had one and through the years. Ive seen them at a lot of our more like health-conscious, healthy food kinds of friends houses. Its prevalent among people who are trying to ditch the toxins, eat more healthily, and live a healthier lifestyle. 

Berkey Water Filter

Were going to talk today a little bit about why. The Big Berkey Models a 225 gallon, which has all kinds of different sizes. So you can pick which ones right for your family if you decide to get one. 

Before that, you should understand about the importance of water to our life as below: 

Why is water essential ?

First off, I want to talk about a little bit about why clean, healthy water is so essential and why water is so important. The human body is made up of up to 60% water. Its vital to the function of the body, and it lubricates and it shock. You cant only go three days without water. Thats how important water is to the function of our bodies. 

Berkey Water Filter

The flip side of that coin is that if youre trying to be healthy and youre drinking all chemical-laden water, which is full of all kinds of toxic things. They are fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, and lead. All these stuffs make you defeat the purpose of drinking more water to be healthy. If youre drinking all of that nasty stuff in your water, its kind of a soapbox for me. 

The whole what we put into our bodies are the reasons why so many people are unhealthy today. A significant part of that is the chemicals and stuff in all of our products that we use standard products. They use in your daily life your bathroom products, your facial face products, shower, toothpaste, shampoo soap. 

I mean everything and also the things we put in our bodies, our food. Its laced with chemicals that are used in the growing process. I could go on and on about that because i think thats a huge reason why our people are so unhealthy. However we will disscuss it further

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Why we need to use water filter ?

Why should we even worry about filtering? In our water, there are common contaminants, and it varies depending on where you live. But some are ordinary no matter where you are. Some sources of water contamination are byproducts of manufacturing processes, malfunctioning wastewater treatments, and fertilizers and pesticides, actually if you live in a vast farming area. 

Those contaminants can be in well water, too. Youre recommended to test your water every year to see whats in it so. Even if youre not guaranteed to be drinking clean, healthy water, its a typical city water contaminants. They are cleaned from the cleaning process and fluoride that they add to it, which Ive already talked about why I dont like that.

The CDC is who recommends that you test your water yearly, and they have a whole list of things that you should check for, including coliform bacteria, uranium, mercury, lead, pesticides, VOCs. Testing can get expensive. But they recommend to do it every year to make sure that your water supply is not getting contaminated. 


So what do you do? The most accessible solution, especially if you know you have contaminants in your water like chlorine and fluoride, is to get a water filter . But there are so many different kinds of filters, and its sometimes confusing to know what to get. They have many different types – the inline type that you hook up to your water pipe. They have the kind that you hook onto your faucet that screws onto the end of valve, pitcher filters, reverse osmosis, and distillation… 

There are cons to each of those methods, and theres constant the burfi as well. Its not a perfect filter solution. I dont want you to think that because there are some drawbacks to it. But I feel like the pros far surpass the cons, and were going to get into those right now. 

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Berkey Water Filter

Berkey water filter brands : The pros and cos 

Pros of Berkey water filter

First, it is the stainless steel construction, which if you take care of it, its going to last forever. Its not going to rust. Its not going to destroy. The worst thats going to happen to this is if you drop it hard and dent it or if you scratch it hard when youre cleaning it. 

It could get some scale buildup if you have hard water, but an easy way to clean that off is to do like a 50-5 vinegar-water solution. You can let it soak on the stainless steel spray it, and itll just come right off. Stainless steel construction is a big pro in my book because its going to last long. 

Second, the Berkey remove so much more than any other filter on the market. While also, this is a whole different point, still leaving the beneficial minerals in there that you need for hydration and that you need your body needs. So it doesnt take all those good ones out, it just takes the harmful ones out. And theres a substantial long list of what the filters remove. 

Ill mention to you a short snippet of some of the things that they take out: more than 99.999 of viruses; 99.9999 of bacteria and surrogates; 99.8% of some things such as bromoform and chloroform; 99.9% heavy metals; 99% lead, 99.9% mercury, 99.9% nickel… There is a huge long list of pesticides and volatile organic compounds. 

Berkey Water Filter

Up to 97% reduction of fluoride with the additional fluoride filter elements, its not a hundred percent. Floyd is challenging to remove. So 97% percent is very impressive and a whole lot more than I could reasonably even talk about here. Thats the reason to buy a Berkey because it filters out more than competitors. Like the standard Britta hooked pitcher filters, they dont take out clora. They reduce chlorine, cadmium, mercury, copper, and zinc.

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The Berkey is portable. If you wanted to take it with you when going camping trip or on vacation, and youre not going to have clean water, all you have to do is take the top part off empty the water out. You probably want to take your filters out and wrap them in a towel, so they dont get damaged. Because if you crack them, they wont work anymore. 

You just wrap it in a towel and take it with you, set it up when you get there, and pour some water in it. Then you have clean drinking water. With the addition of the white fluoride filters, it also does significantly reduce the fluoride and takes out arsenic as well. The beneficial minerals are not removed; it just removes the harmful things. And it lets the beneficial minerals pass through. 

Next, you can filter any water source with it. You want to use the cleanest water possible because itll significantly reduce the lifespan of your filters if youre putting nasty dirty water in it. Even if you have to use a polluted water source, you can kind of strain, it first like there a t-shirt or some kind of cloth to remove any debris and a bunch of the big stuff. The cleaner you can put in that, the better. Its great for anything like that in an emergency like if youre a prepper or you live on a homestead, where you commonly lose power. And you wont be able to get water anyway. Whatever the situation might be, in an emergency, you can use other water sources. 

The last thing I want to talk about is that the filters last a long time. Each Berkey filter is rated for 3000 Gallons of water, so when you have to choose which is kind of standard when you have two filters. There itll go for 6000 gallons. If you use 2000 gallons a year, you do the math. Its a long time that comes out to less than two cents a gallon for clean, healthy water. It actually will help you be more robust. 

Berkey Water Filter

The other thing is that you can clean the filters. If your water starts filtering slow, its probably because the pores are starting to get clogged with contaminants that its removing. You can take them out, clean them all up real good, re-prime them, put them back in, and itll start filtering quicker again. Berkey recommends to clean them every six months. But you might not have to play them that often but it depends on your water. 

You might have to go along with cleaning them. You can test the filters to see if theyre still working, which is a massive plus because those other systems. How do you know when its not working anymore. You dont, and if you forget to change the filter. You know one of the ones you have to change monthly that adds up quickly and if you forget to change. It then youre just drinking the same water without knowing it so you can test the filters. 

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Cons of Berkey water filter

There are some downfalls to the Berkey. Im not going to hide that fact; there are complaints no matter what.

One of the biggest ones is that its big. It wont fit under a standard top. So you cant put it under your counter, cabinet, on the countertop because itll hit the knob on the door. You can put it on your island or a different place. One of the significant drawbacks is that its big and bulky, and it doesnt fit under the cap under the cabinet. So its taken up valuable counter space get right down to it it takes up valuable counter space. 

Berkey Water Filter

Also, it has to be refilled regularly, which I didnt include that because you have to fill up to get the water to go through. But not like for an inline, reverse osmosis or something like that, so I did include it because there are filter types that you dont have to refill, and its not hard. This one holds two points to drop gallon. So when you empty it, you have to fill it back up. 

The last thing is it is a high upfront cost. Its an investment. But thats how you need to look at it. If you think that the Berkey is right for you, think of it as an investment for your health because youre investing in having clean water here for your family. Thats going to help you, in the long run, to be much healthier. But then when you add up how long the filters last and then how often you would have to be replacing those Brita filters. It doesnt take long to see that youre saving money; it just takes longer to keep it. 

Berkey Water Filter

So with the Berkey, youre putting the money upfront, and youll save it over some time. With the Brita, youre saving youre spending 15 upfront. But over the same course of time you would spend way more money.

Replacing Brita filters by the time your Berkey filters finally wear out so depends on which direction you want to go. But if youre going to take out the most nasty stuff out of your water and you want to make a smart investment, the Berkey, you cant go wrong. That is why we got a Berkey, thats why we love it and use it in our house. 

If you think it could be a good fit for you, check out the information for Berkey water filter. AXIOS REVIEW hopes that this answered. Some questions about the Berkey filter and gave you a better idea of whether it might be right for you and your family. By the way, be sure and check out if you get a filter. 

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